Please, a little less swanky

In the past, The Hook has creatively injected "new" words like "limn" [June 27, 2002, issue] ( into its stories. And while some have found the use of such "big" words irritating, it is even more annoying when you overdo it with such "cool" words as "barista," "digs," "trendy," "urban dweller," and finally, "swanky."

Please, no more.

Maybe I'm just not part of Charlottesville's "cognoscenti," but these descriptives appear all too frequently within the pages of your hip little paper. I know you have a fashionable image to maintain, but they have grown tiresome by virtue of their overuse. Every new outdoor-patio'ed restaurant or vaulted-ceiling loft apartment that appears on the Charlottesville scene is not "swanky." Ugh.

So please, mix it up a bit. Try to be a little more judicious in your application of such "swank" terminologies.

Christie Brown
Fluvanna County