Dating: Yep, it's a myth

I certainly enjoyed all the articles about the non-existent dating scene [August 21 cover package] ( However, you mentioned people who fall into certain groups but failed to mention the one I fall in: late 20s, professional and single!

I'm not in school, haven't been in years, and didn't go to UVA or any other school in Virginia.

I'm a transplant, from the north of course, I'm not the type of person to do the "Blind-Date Challenge," not a bar person (as everyone else seems to be here), and although you noted some good pickup places, maybe that's not where I'd be comfortable either?

Now, you're probably thinking, geez, this guy is a real loser. But hear me out.

On the rare occasion that I meet someone in the same age range with my job status and so on, we get to talking, and we find that we say the same things about living here with regards to dating, so I know I'm not the only person who feels this way.

It goes something like this, "If you're part of the college, you're pretty much taken care of. Or if you're in a relationship, it takes care of itself. And for some reason, even if you break up, you don't seem to have a problem finding someone new.

Last, you're married."

The other thing is, the town is just too small.

You'll date someone and meet her friends and it turns out that you had met a few months back because so and so's sister was your friend's, roommate's, brother's girlfriend, and they had a party where you were both there!

That's pretty close to a scene that happened to me, by the way.

I've wound up dating as many women who live in Richmond as I have from here. I know that tells me that dating is just a "myth," as you put it on your cover.

After re-reading this a few times, I see that I have thrown out all sorts of random thoughts, but the heart of it remains the same: If you're in your late 20s/early 30s, professional and single, you might as well give up on dating until you can go to that thing at the senior center!

Josh Lenard
Just outside Belmont