Craig N. and Ann M. Hess to Dale H. and John B. Carr Jr., 3304 Darby Road, Glenmore, $535,000.

Janet D. and Randolph W. Jones Jr. to Paul and Sally C. Guarino, 2.942 acres on State Route 63, 395 Buck Mountain Road, Earlysville, $328,000

Martha M. Bethel to John J. and Rhea N. Baldino, 264 Lakeview Drive, Four Seasons, $175,000.

James B. and Elizabeth B. Garnett to Mahendra D. Chordia, 1697 Stoney Creek Drive, Mill Creek, $184,900.

John A. and Lindsey H. Schwab to Marta M. Keane, 2.028 acres at 2040 Earlysville Road, $499,000.

Shongala Schuiling T. Inc. to S&B Realty Venture LLC, 4.478 acres at Village Offices, 1590 Seminole Trail, $3,040,000.

David and Stephanie Gardner to Mary E. and James McAden, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $129,500.

Janell D. Headrick to John J. and Nancy F. Young, 3022 Watercrest Drive, Watercrest at Forest Lakes, $410,000.

William H. and Carolyn M. Gibson to Jeff G. and Brigid C. Norvell, 837 Harris Road, Willoughby, $170,000.

Earle A. and Glenna B. MacKenzie to Charles A. and Betty J. McDonald, 2635 Wind River Road, Wind River, $215,000.

Yvette K. Yates to Charles A. and Betty Jo McDonald, unit in Minor Townhouses, $152,000.

Peter Cronin to Erica, Larry, and Vicki Barber, 3388 Moubry Lane, Forest Ridge, $181, 900.

Ronald L. Martin, Trustee, to Bradley A. Justice, 112 Tintern Court, Birnam Wood, $130,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Mark R. and Kristin B. Nyce, 1013 Bristlecone Lane, Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $207,950.

Rebecca Hawse to Elizabeth A. Turner, 1386 Minor Ridge Court, Minor Hill, $158,000.

Kevin M. and Jennifer Groszkowski to Ryan D. Zaklin, 901 Stonehenge Road, Stonehenge, $143,600.

Elisabeth W. Dulaney, Trustee, to Frederick W. and Patricia P. Shields, 3.54 acres at 7849 Greenwood Station Road, $157,500.

Jose R. Giron and Carla Torres to John K. Robinson, 108 Lide Place, Willoughby, $190,000.

Micajah A. Hicks Jr. to Nelson A. and Michele S. Hicks, 2.88 acres on State Route 689, 6185 Dick Woods Road, gift.

Martha S. and Charles M. Johnson III to Thelma Robinson, 291 Albert Court, Camellia Garden, gift.

Kostich Construction Inc. to Kyle D. and Amber L. Klauber, 129 Deerwood Drive, Deerwood, $249,950.

Michael A. and Karen L. Gaffney to Michael A. Gaffney, parcel in Walnut Hills, gift.

Melissa Hornidge to Victor M. Castro, 205 Homestead Lane, Mill Creek, $185,500.

Edward L. and Marcia E. Parker to Betty L. Bollendorf, Trustee, 1064 Wintergreen Lane, Redfields, $223,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Diann B. Begert, 1137 Rustic Willow Lane, Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $192,950.

Charles G. Dammann to Ralph K. and Charlotte B. Dammann, 2958 Barrsden Farm, $250,000.


 Denise D. Day to Shaun A. Farrell, 1495 Lake Forest Drive, Four Seasons, $128,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to Sam T. and Jessy S. Thomas, 1742 Verona Drive, Fontana, $299,900.

Steve L. and Martha P. Reese to Amy S. and Jeffrey S. Bunts, 2.77 acres at 4624 Gilbert Station Road, Barboursville, $183,000.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Jon and Courtney Taffe, 147 Deerwood Drive, Deerwood, $286,950.

George F. Hardy to James S. Younger and Anneke T. Schroen, 1670 Hawkwood Court, Laurel Ridge, $430,000.

Clavio M. Ascari to Adam D. and Jeannette G. Saphier, 113 Running Fox Lane, Foxcroft, $238,400.

Ray A. and Peggy J. Samuels to Richard E. and Nora C. Trodden, 87 Georgetown Green, $172,250.

Hunt Country Properties LLC to Garth T. Anderson, 2145 Timber Pointe Road, Forest Lakes, $235,000.

Leslie O. Luers to Jeffrey T. and Amy L. Overdyke, 71 Georgetown Green, $179,900.

Church Hill Development Co. to Nicole K. and James B. Spence III, 6933 Wishing Meadow Lane, Murray subdivision, Afton, $130,000.

Rembert D. and Dorothy M. Prevatte to Attila and Angela P. Halmy, 2220 Lanford Hills Drive, Lanford Hills, $350,000.

Cynthia R. Young to Melissa E. Webb, 2076 Winterfield Circle, Ridgefield at Forest Lakes, $213,900.

Ferid Murad to Albemarle Investments LLC, lot in Langford Farm, $73,500.

Sanderstead Investment Inc. to Vicki H. and Kenneth G. Hale Jr., 26.228 acres on the east side of State Route 601, $300,000.

Wayne R. and Jennifer M. Sours to Robert D. and Caroline Curtis, 281 Simmons Gap Road, $35,000.

Valerie M. Shepherd et al. to R. W. Mawyer Inc., .035 acres, $5,330.

R. W. Mawyer Inc. to Rachel Kassel, 2033 Shepherds Ridge Road, Dunlora, $250,000.

Melissa R. Bomberger and George S. Reed, Ex., to Lisa McDermott, 1391 Reynovia Drive, Lake Reynovia, $227,000.

James S. Conway to Lindalee L. and Thomas J. Miles II, 71.39 acres on Carter's Mountain, $370,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Eugene P. and Christine T. Murray, 1154 Redfields Road, Redfields, $280,409.


 Claude A. Ripley to Anna E. Timm and Anthony T. DeBenedet, 752 Merion Greene, RiverRun, $146,000.

Douglas L. Zerkel, Trustee, to Susannah C. Marshall and Jared E. Metzger, 2.008 acres on the north side of State Route 829, $265,000.

Stephen B. and Sandra J. Leach to Terrence R. and Heidi J. Thorsen, 23.08 acres at 1775 Beaver Ridge Road, Crozet, $750,000.

Elly Y. and William D. Tucker III, Yvonne T. Griffin, and Mary Ann Barnes to Norma Holland, 1246 Chatham Ridge Road, RiverRun, $85,000.

Carmen M. Rodgers to David A. Storm, 813 Harris Road, Willoughby, $185,000.

Stacey S. and James William Phillips III to John B. Thaller and Amanda J. Ray, 442 Hidden Ridge Road, Mill Creek, $228,000.

Nancy F. Bourne to Matthew R. and Rebecca L. W. Trojan, 2.001 acres at 5385 Markwood Road, Walnut Hills, $300,000.

Gaffney Homes LLC to Karen L. Gaffney, 1170 Grove Park Lane, Walnut Hills, $530,000.

Patricia M. Kluge to House & Garden Co. LLC, 1.011 acres on State Route 727, gift.

Joseph I. Cline Sr. to John A. Cline, 35.500 acres at Jarman's Gap, gift.


John J. DeMatteo to Marcelle B. Morel, 0.904 acres on State Route 620, 5005 Rolling Road, Scottsville, $74,000.

Michael W. Mulkey et al. to Arnold B. Wray, 15 acres in Howardsville, $11,300.

Charlottesville Albemarle Airport to Commonwealth of Virginia (VDOT), 96,043 sq. ft. on State Route 649, 201 Bowen Loop, $356,598.

Robert A. and Marie A. Cockrell to Linda D. Boyter, 309 Minor Ridge Road, Wynridge, $150,000.

Mohan and Ramila Philip to Charles E. and Valerie F. Harper, 1.0 acres on State Route 676, 3565 Holly Knoll Lane, $605,000.

Ronald J. and Valerie A. Wurth to Darrell L. and Darlah Ullery, 1.55 acres at 3732 Cumbria Lane, Keswick, $168,000.

David W. Mitchell to Roger R. Katcham, 900 Earlysville Forest Road, Earlysville Forest, $214,000.

Mary Monica and Lawrence E. Cassada Jr. to Thomas W. and Carla L. Myrtle, unit in Solomon Court condominiums, $69,500.

Rio Square LLC to Frog Pond LLC, unit in Rio Square, $192,000.

Richard and Elizabeth Escalera to Gail E. Kirchhoff, 201 Buttercup Lane, Lake Reynovia, $165,500.



Shongala Schuiling T. Inc. to S&B Realty Venture LLC, 4.478 acres at Village Offices, 1590 Seminole Trail, $3,040,000.