No excuses: Make my salsa hot!

Charlottesville has a little secret, one that might make you sweat, shake, and feel a little like Ricky Martin or maybe even Desi Arnaz.

The Charlottesville Salsa Club has been hosting Salsa Night almost every Sunday for the last year and half at Outback Lodge's Down Under. For a mere $5 ($3 for members), J-Lo wannabes get an hour's worth of salsa lessons from the members, and then a full night of smoking-hot salsa dance numbers spun by Oscar Truillio, a.k.a. DJ "O".

Regulars live for this night. Not knowing how to salsa is no excuse– newcomers are absolutely not allowed to stand around. Guys, if you bring a date, make sure you're not the jealous type, because everyone dances with everyone else.

Regulars go out of their way to make everyone feel safe and comfortable. From 50-year-olds to 20-year-olds, whites, blacks, Latinos, even Russians Salsa Night is just a big salad bowl with hot pepper dressing.

If you've never done the Salsa, go around 8pm Sunday for some lessons– and stay for the excitement.