Man on the street: To date or not to date

Published August 21, 2003 in issue #0233 of The Hook


What's the best pickup line?

Adam Kron: "Have you seen the latest pirates movie? It's rated Arrrrrrr."

Katie Donaldson: "You can Pokemon if I can Pikachu."

Donnell Norman: "He says: 'Did it hurt?' She says: 'When?' He says: 'When you fell down from heaven.'"


Where's the most romantic place to take a date?

John Thomas and Barbara Nolan: "L'avventura or Metro"

Kimberly Pennock: "McGuffey Park"

Mark Deaton: "The Depot restaurant in Staunton"


What's the worst date you've had?

Scott Fennessey: "We met for drinks at Mono Loco, and she told me her dog had almost died because she'd taken it in to be castrated, and it had almost bled to death. Then she said she wanted to move to Manhattan, and wanted to know how much money I made."

Stewart Mart: "An AOL personals thing. We chatted online, then met for lunch. We didn't click."

Cordell Fortune: "I went out with a girl, and she had a seizure in the restaurant. It kind of freaked me out."