Hotties: Boozin' and Cruzin' in Charlottesville

Bang! ­ If red is the color of passion, then Bang's the place to go. Colorful and exotic, Bang's attractive ambiance and decorative fish make this a hot spot even if you're not desperately seeking someone... but it's dynamite if you are!


Mas ­ So hip it hurts, Belmont-based tapas bar Mas is the relative newcomer to the scene. Now that those tractor-seat stools have been replaced with elegant yet industrial cream-colored leather, and booths have been added, it's all the more comfortable to sit, chat, and gather digits.


Escafé ­ Recent renovations make it worth taking a seat at Escafé's new extended bar. Live music on Thursdays and Sundays and a consistent drinking crowd for inside our out on the ideally-situated-on-a-corner patio attract a diverse clientele.


Rapture ­ This may be the downtown spot for pickups, as there's never a shortage of singles actively looking for company. Pool tables provide entertainment. Warning: low lighting and lots of mirrors may exacerbate beer goggles.


Tokyo Rose ­ Into the punk or Goth scene? Attracted to pierced and tattooed women or men dressed in black leather? Tokyo Rose is the place for you. In the basement, gyrate on the dance floor or drape yourself over the bar couches listening to the DJ. Friday and Saturday nights tend to draw the biggest punk and Goth crowds for live shows.


Club 216 ­ A late-night dance paradise, Club 216 is the local gay hot spot until 2am when drag queens and Jim-Bobs mingle without incident. Whether you're a member or just an occasional visitor, you'll find yourself shakin' and shimmying 'til the wee, wee hours.


Baja Bean ­ Open mic night on Mondays and karaoke on Tuesdays are just two reasons why Baja Bean is a hot locale to look for Mr. or Ms. Right. While you're drowning your sorrows in the biggest margarita in town, your future lover could be right in front of you, belting out a karaoke rendition of "What's Love Got to Do with It?"... or "Psycho Killer," if it's not your lucky night.


Miller's ­ With live bands downstairs (only fitting as one of the prime shrines of Famous Local Resident Who Made Good) and pool tables upstairs, Miller's often has people partyin' late into the night, inside and out on the Mall. Who knows, that handsome dog across the bar could be the next... person on your caller ID.


Orbit Billiards ­ Two words: Ladies' Night. Every Tuesday ladies play pool for free, so all the money you're saving on pool can go towards booze. Even if you don't end up going home with someone, at the very least your night of entertainment comes cheap on the corner of the Corner.


Outback Lodge/Down Under ­ Upstairs bands playing everything from blues to grunge keep music lovers coming in; downstairs it's dance hall fever at the Down Under.


Blue Light ­ Wait a second– is this New York or Charlottesville? Hip to the max, Blue Light is packed with "the beautiful people" sipping designer martinis and looking at themselves in the big mirrors. Join the fun because we all know it's really all about us.


Club Rio ­ Tucked behind Wolfie's on Rio Road, Club Rio is one of this town's few places to bump and grind. And if you're not feeling tired at 1am, you can boogey down Rio Road and keep the vibe going at Club 216.