Meade remade: Playground gets the goods

Today, visitors to Meade Park find $46,000-worth of sparkling equipment complete with a variety of slides, monkey bars, new swings, and a child-size faux rock wall.

But it hasn't always been so.

When The Hook investigated local playgrounds last spring, some frightening defects were discovered. In addition to sharp peeling paint and aging equipment at several area parks, our investigation revealed that the playground at Meade Park had paint with nearly 10 times the amount of lead allowed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Much of the Meade equipment was removed soon thereafter, but it was nearly a year before new equipment was installed.

Yet the run-down toddler equipment remains. But not for long. A shining $15,000 tot unit is on order, says Charlottesville Parks and Rec Director Pat Plocek, and should be installed in the next few weeks.


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