The week in review

Best boost to the reward for the serial rapist: Charlottesville, Albemarle , and UVA each have kicked in $5,000, upping the reward for the arrest and conviction of the man suspected in at least six sexual assaults to $20,000.

Worst delay for the families of Laura Winans and Julianne Marie Williams: The trial of Darrell Rice, the man accused of killing the two women in Shenandoah National Park in 1996, was supposed to begin July 24 and has been postponed at the request of Rice's attorney.

Best family gathering: Sally Hemings' descendants gathered last weekend without their snooty Jefferson kin and enjoyed a reunion without rancor.

Best sign Jefferson may have enjoyed a brewski: Monticello opens an exhibit detailing how the household produced 200 gallons of ale a year.

Best rating from conservationists: State Senator Creigh Deeds gets a perfect score of 100 on the League of Conservation Voter's report card. He's followed by Delegate Mitch Van Yahres with an 86, and then with a score of 60, delegates Rob Bell, Watkins Abbitt, and Bill Janis, WINA reports.

Worst corporate bullying: Starbucks charges HaidaBucks, a small café on a remote Canadian island, with trademark infringement. The feisty HaidaBucks owners refused to change the name, and thousands in Canada and the U.S. are boycotting the Seattle-based coffee giant. [The big bean-seller pulls similar stunt on a local bakery; see "The Dish" on page 46.]

Worst addition to the fat lexicon: Trans fat, which the FDA wants added to nutrition labels. Who knew there were so many kinds of fat?

Best defender of Liberian president Charles Taylor: Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson, who takes George W. Bush to task for demanding that Taylor step down.

Best falling on the sword: CIA Director George Tenet takes the blame for Bush's State of the Union claim that Iraq was trying to get uranium from Africa.

Best sign Albemarle schools are in better shape than California's: Nearly 95 percent of the county's 11th graders passed the reading and writing tests they need to graduate, whereas California has postponed its high school exit exam for two years, fearing that thousands won't graduate.

Worst news for Lake Monticello swimmers: An unusually high count of fecal matter from an overflowing Aqua Source treatment plant closed the lake and had health officials recommend no swimming in a six-mile stretch of the Rivanna River, Austin Graham reports in the Daily Progress.

Best photo of a vehicle crashed into a building: Prog photog Dan Lopez captures the red Ford Explorer driven by Karen Hayes White that plowed into a Texaco gas station on Pantops on July 11.

Worst 4-H hijinks: Councilors at a 4-H camp in Roanoke allegedly set up their own Fight Club, forcing their 9- to 13-year-old charges to fistfight, charging admission, and taking bets on the events.

Worst NIMBYs of the week: Neighbors in the upscale Harmony subdivision, where $500K will barely get you in the door, are grousing about the expansion plans of historic Olivet Presbyterian Church, and expressed fears that it would become a community center and attract unsavory types such as Boy Scouts, reports David Dadurka in the Progress.