Reader could have helped


Your music roundtable [July 3 cover story sidebar] ( had great promise, but you should have included at least one consumer– one listener– one connoisseur in the mix. That would have shaken things up a bit, so the conversation didn't get quite so in-crowd.

If you had just invited someone like WTJU disc jockey Emmett Boaz, the whole discussion would have had more resonance and, I must say, authenticity.

Emmett has been around the area all his life. There's even a mountain named after him in Batesville! And while he freely admits that he couldn't care less for rock or jazz, he sure knows his bluegrass. Around here, that's what matters most. And he sure has some opinions. He would have talked! That's what every roundtable needs.

I'm counting on seeing him there, front and center, next time you conduct any sort of roundtable. Politics, cockfighting, barbecue sauce, conscientious objection, the proliferation of spam– anything. He will invariably have something to say.

Susan Tyler Hitchcock