Bright Beginnings works for me

I would like to respond to the Fearless Consumer's article in last week's edition on the Bright Beginnings Day Care at Mill Creek [June 26: "Bright Beginnings: Violations galore vex center"] (

As a parent and a physician, I appreciate the seriousness of violations regarding child safety and inadequate staffing. Unfortunately, childcare and preschool programs are known for their high provider turnover rate, as helpers often use such positions to gain experience in a order to obtain higher-paying positions or to advance a career in education. While Bright Beginnings did have a number of violations and notices, even the Fearless Consumer couldn't confirm if this number was indeed higher than other local facilities. In addition, because the facility is open more than eight hours a day, it requires a staggered schedule to care for each class on a daily basis.

My son has attended Bright Beginnings at Mill Creek for the past two years. The facility is a vast improvement over where he was for his first 10 months. He is happy, well-adjusted, and enjoys going to "school." I have interacted personally with seven of the 10 teachers mentioned and have found each of them to be devoted to their children. They are warm, nurturing, and invested in providing excellent care to each individual child.

I would like to thank all the day care providers for making it a little easier to leave our children while we are at work, knowing they are receiving good care. I urge the owners of day care facilities to address the concerns that have arisen and to provide support to enable consistent care on a day-to-day basis.

Ann Klecan, MD