The week in review

Best decision for consenting adults: The Supreme Court on June 26 overturns a Texas law banning sodomy– a decision that extends to Virginia's sodomy laws.

Best news for borrowers: The Federal Reserve drops already low interest rates to 1 percent, the lowest rate in 45 years.

Worst reason for dropping interest rates further: Economists fear deflation looms on the horizon.

Worst trend: More unemployment claims in Virginia are being denied. Also, more people are unemployed for more than a year, which means they're no longer counted as unemployed.

Best option for people who don't like telemarketing calls during dinner: The FTC launches a national do-not-call registry.

Worst conundrum for Hollymead Town Center: The Albemarle County Planning Commission agrees to rezone one part of the development– but not another.

Best West Nile indicator: Two dead crows found on U.S. 29 north of the city limits June 23 and 24 test positive for the virus.

Worst case of the early bird not catching the worm: Of the five Charlottesville School Board candidates who filed their applications before the original June 2 deadline, only the two incumbents are reappointed– along with latecomer Byron Brown. Council had come under fire for extending the application deadline.

Best graceful exit: The owners of South Street's C-Ville building agree to sell it to The Hook's editor.

Worst trash news: Over objections from cash-strapped citizens, Charlottesville caves to a cost-benefit analysis and doubles the price of trash pickup July 1.

Worst recycling news: Over objections from conservation-minded citizens, Albemarle County caves to a cost-benefit analysis and dumps its curbside recycling program July 1.

Worst threat to raw oyster eaters: Vibrio bacteria, which has sickened three Virginians and killed one. It's more of a threat during warm months, hence the traditional guideline about eating oysters only in months that contain an "R".

Worst reasons to send elected representatives to the General Assembly: To approve 32 special license plates– like the 30th anniversary of Secretariat winning the Triple Crown– in a state that already has over 200 special plates.

Best way– besides fireworks– to celebrate the 4th: The naturalization ceremony at Monticello, where 77 people will take the oath of U.S. citizenship.

Best place to buy TJ letters: Sotheby's on June 20, where eight Thomas Jefferson originals are offered. Not all sell, but the ones that do go for $2,700 to $48,000– a bargain compared to one that sold for $1,439,500 in December 2002.

Best cash for Montpelier: $1,080,000 of the federal kind heads for James Madison's former digs for a new bridge and entrance road.

Worst penalty for holding up the Wood Grill Buffet with a BB gun: 13 years, the sentence Dansko-wearing Vance Brown receives for the April 2002 robbery.

Worst escape attempt: Fugitive James Hope Turner tries to elude police by hopping on a tiny pink bike and pedaling about 30 feet before he's nabbed, according to a Reed Williams story in the Daily Progress.

Worst arrest reaction: A woman wets herself when her two companions are arrested at a Royal Inn Motel bust June 30, the Progress reports.

Seventh best nationwide ranking: Albemarle County, for its information technology services, according to the 2003 Digital Counties Survey.

Worst shameless self promoting: At this year's regional American Marketing Association awards, The Hook wins the Gold Award for print advertising for its Meriweather Mowing Service ad.