Anita L. Stevens to William C. and Jennifer T. Owens, 620 McIntire Road, $160,000

Shelton S., William H., and Richard F. Station and Ann L. Kemp to Carlton Property LLC, $200,000.

Charles E. and Kathryn D. Humphreys to Raymond Nedzel and Kristin Jordan, 724 Monticello Avenue, $252,000.

Ken and Betty Jo Mori to Todd A. Cabell, 412 Oak Street, $184,000.

Jeanne F. Bell to William H. and Jean V. Lupton, 1426 Rugby Avenue, $210,000.

Gerald R. and Augusta M. Hankins to John C. Schmidt and Jenefer C. Brouse, 720 Village Road, Johnson Village, $179,500.

602 Lewis & Clark LC to Margaret Melcher, unit in Lewis & Clark Square, $265,000.

James R. and Vicki D. Farmer to Adrienne Ward and John F. O'Connell, 224 Brandywine Drive, $339,000.


 Robert A. and Kim D. Mann to Elizabeth McMahon, 1506 Westwood Road, $256,500.

Baldwin-Kiser Partnership to Richard C. Crisler III, 1139 River Road, $340,000.

Ralph E. Main Jr., Trustee, to Church Hill Development Co. LLC, 1712 East Market Street, $90,900.

James B. Spence Jr. to Church Hill Development Co. LLC, 1326 East Market Street, $109,000.

Advantage Rent-a-Car Corp. to Katherine Gale Chapman, 505 Druid Avenue, gift.

Joseph C. and Pamela K. Terembes to Prudential Relocation Inc., 2404 Angus Road, $220,000.

Lynn M. Merhib to Lynn M. Merhit and Tim O'Kane, 107 Perry Drive, gift.


Wendall L. Winn Jr. and Robert W. Jackson, Trustees, to Daniel McClure and William R. Carter, Trustees, 922 9-l/2 Street NE, no price given.

Megan C. Gillespie to Seth E. Hunter and Bolanle Adeboye, 1810 East Market Street, $126,500.

Pearon G. Lang Jr. to Dale and Chris Ann Ludwig, parcel on Belleview Avenue, $195,000.

Shirley L. Savin and James A. Critzer to Mary John Smith, Trustee, 114 Cleveland Avenue, $132,000.


Robane C. Beroza to Thomas J. Mozdzer and Linda M. Chojnacki, 1198 Stratford Court, $171,000.

James B. Spence Jr. and Sandra J. Spence to Barbara Thompson, Trustee, 1610 Mulberry Avenue, Highland Park, no price given.


Jane M. Cathcart to Robert B. and Gayle B. Brockman, 1519 Westwood Road, $276,500.

Elizabeth A. Jessup to Stacie H. and John C. Reid, 1424 Oxford Road, $264,000.

William H. Schnobelen to Khaliq A. Rauf, 1404 Grace Street, $115,200.


Steve Knight to William J. Long Jr., 1018 Tufton Avenue, no price given.

Linda Lee Holland to Charles P. and Susie C. Payne, 372 Riverside Avenue, $68,400.

Leora T. Brown to Charles E. and Melody D. Swartz, lot on Caroline Avenue, $50,000.

George H. and Marshall H. Ginn to Barbara T. Frost, unit in Wertland condominiums, $78,000.

Chanley S. Brown to Philip W. and Laura P. Smith, 207 16th Street NE, $177,000.

Mary C. Bauer to Joel M. Jacobus and Catherine E. Walden, 622 Hinton Avenue, $175,000.

Andrew J. and Crystal M. Cook to Laurie A. Chocklett, 635 Elizabeth Avenue, $171,500.

Ferdinand K. and Elliott K. Hui to Divya Sharma and Michael J. Thomas, 219 Old Lynchburg Road, $184,000.

Carolyn M. Morris to Jeffrey Thompson and Savannah B. Ray, 1416 Chesapeake Street, $87,000.

Ronald E. and Janet K. Parham to Glenn E. and Victoria C. Branham, 906 Rockland Avenue, $75,000.

Sam T. and Jessy S. Thomas to Thomas T. and Leelamma Chacko, 313 Carlton Road, $85,000.


Hampton LLC to Brian D. Weber and Kara M. Gloeckner, two lots in Carlton Addition, $122,000.

Brian D. Weber and Kara M. Gloeckner to Harry Lewis and Ralph E. Main Jr., $116,000.

Colin Campbell and Judy Campbell to Judy Campbell, 1832 Wayside Place, gift.

Charlie R. and Evelynne L. Flora, Trustees, to Matt Dawson Enterprises LLC, 2106 Hill Street, $154,000.


Alicia B. Lugo to Alicia B. Lugo and Patricia B. Edwards, 515 Brown Street, gift.

John C. and Stacie H. Reid to Robert and Tasneem Carey, 1872 Winston Road, $517,000.


Kevin P. and Kelly Brooke Bauer to Yevgeny V. and Natalie Mishustin, 602 Shamrock Road, $210,000.

Calvin S. and Doris S. Jones to Barry W. and Phoebe L. Manuel, 305 Farm Lane, $115,000.

Leslie R. and Thomas M. Dickinson III to Richard L. and Adena B. Imlay, 2014 Meadowbrook Road, $352,500.

Gadient Enterprises Inc. to Eure Family LLC, unit in Wertland condominiums, $100,000.

Crystal A. Mario to William W. Craghead III and Denise Ann Way, 103 Robinson Woods, $302,000.


Mary L. Bixby to James H. Shumadine and Elizabeth W. Wells, 1318 Wellford Street, $252,000.

Shyamkant and Shirish Shahane to Ivan R. and Dorothy S. Narodny, unit in Wertland condominiums, $76,500.

Trilateral Corp. to Elliot Majerczyk and Aniko Bodroghkozy, 106 Chisholm Place, $174,460.

Michael J. Beck to Robert Nichols and Cecilia Hernandez, 105 Perry Drive, $239,000.

Kimbery A. Taylor to Landon B. Harris and Suzanne M. Heinert, 1019 Druid Avenue, $155,000.

Margaret K. and Charles C. Crook III to Christopher J. and Darlene D. Bruce, 1005 Druid Avenue, $138,000.


Edward C. and Erika L. Nemergut to Adam and Heather Phillips, 1624 Trailridge Road, $189,900.

Edith S. Ballard to Charles W. Hurt and Shirley L. Fisher, Trustees, 1616 Brandywine Drive, no price given.

William V. and Mollie B. Krebs to Stefania E. Burk, unit in Carter-Gilmer Place, $181,000.

Glenn M. and Ann W. Spencer to Justin G. Gresh, 1029 Cottonwood Road, $231,000.

Thomas B. Reece to Nelly A. Smolyak and David A. Maybee, Trustee, 904 Locust Lane, $173,000.

Frank Bergland and Susan McCulley to Gordon B. and B. Susan Maxwell, 1012 St. Charles Ave., $224,000.


Brooks S. Moriarty and Mary G. Beckman to Jeffrey L. and Naticia J. Lavezzo, 626 Elizabeth Avenue, $154,000.

Todd G. and Julie V. Whitaker to L. West Oehmig, 1200 Long Street, $191,250.

Virginia T. Davis to Mark H. and Sarah B. Pfoutz, 2513 Willard Drive, $151,100.

Thomas H. Trow Jr. to Thomas N. Meriwether, unit in Cabell Avenue condominiums, $107,000.

Jose R. Giron and Carla Torres to John K. Robinson, 108 Lide Place, Willoughby, $190,000.

Mark A. and Heather M. Layton to Cendant Mobility Finance Corp., 1607 Jamestown Drive, $295,000.

Cendant Mobility Finance Corp. to David M. and Derry V. Wade, 1607 Jamestown Drive, $295,000.

Julia H. Wood to Sarah S. Coleman, 722 Shamrock Rpad, $193,000.

James W. Evans Jr. to Johanna A. Claasen, 1405 Vine Street, $115,000.

David Huffman, Peggy Dyer, and Donna Burrell to Christopher A. Gensic, 1014 Bolling Avenue, $125,000.

Milton C. Mozie and Arlene M. Baker to Heather D. Danz, 808 Ridge Street, $123,900.


Ben R. and Karen B. Thomas to Patricia H. and John M. Owen IV, 908 St. Charles Ave., $348,000.

Andrew C. and LeeAnn M. Hillier to Robert J. and Anna B. Schoderbek Jr., 606 Wilder Drive, $247,000.

Lawrence E. and Jennifer J. Kochard to Melissa Surguine-Smith, 915 Rugby Road, $475,000.

Jonathan T. Taffe to Jenny Boyd, 188 Waterbury Court, $135,500.

Ashley M. Shilling to Nicholas and Mercedes Procaccini, 300 Mobile Lane (formerly Middleton Lane), $212,500.

Carolyn S. Sparks to Stephen and Paula Lichiello, 506-B Moseley Drive, $129,500.

University of Virginia Real Estate Foundation to Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia, parcel on Monroe Lane, no price given.

Marcus L. and Leigh A. McEntire to Nikhil and Lily L. Patel, 121 Danbury Court, $134,900.

Alice Lee Makielski, Trustee, to Alfred T. and Ashley M. Shilling, 1910 Barracks Road, $500,000.

Andrew L. Schittulli to Eure Family LLC, unit in Cedars Court condominiums, $65,000.


Trilateral Corp. to Spencer C. and Deborah E. Burton, 115 Chisholm Place, $140,275.

Whitehall Interiors LLC to Mary Newton, 1316 Early St., $97,500.

Keith P. Holley Jr. to Gordon R. and Maureen Sammis, 216 Sunset Avenue, $165,000.

Max L. Carroll to Jason A. Oliviero, 1100 Preston Avenue, $215,000.

Wachovia Bank NA, Trustee, to Church Hill Development LLC, parcel on Jefferson Park Avenue, $325,000.

Ashley P. Thorndike to Myra J. Larkin, 123 Waterbury Court, $122,000.

Todd A. Millbrandt and Mary Beth Magyar to Jane C. Sazazin, 2517 Willard Drive, $175,000.


Constance S. and Earl H. Diehl Jr. to Thomas W. and Ellen G. Nygaard, unit in Cabell Avenue condominiums, $106,500.

Mable P. and Steven P. Mewborn to R. and I. Buildings Co. LLC, 1605 Gordon Avenue, $220,000.

Stephen L. Landis LLC to Linda Fleming, unit in the Venable condominiums, 312 13th Street NW, $88,500.

Watson C. Morris, Trustee, to Theodore J. Corcoran and Elizabeth Sargent, parcel on Hinton Avenue, $120,000.


Janice W. McDaniel to Benjamin J. and Jean Y. Estes, 774 Prospect Ave., $62,000.

Richard T. Spurzem to Margaret J. O'Reilly, 131 Goodman Street, $152,500.

Kenneth J. Girasek and Donna Gaffin-Girasek to Jeanette D. Smith, 700 Graves Street, $168,000.

Patricia T. Lobo and Goncalo Lobo to Edwin J. Landaker and Melissa A. Horal, 101 Lide Place, $166,000.


Martin and Marilyn Honig to Eure Family LLC, unit in Wertland Commons condominium, $105,000.

Lewis LLC of Troy to Hope A. Leopold, 306 Palatine Avenue, $108,000.

Barry I. And Beth R. Keith to Chris Pace, 1323 East Market Street, $160,000.

Mary J. Longley to Claude A. Ripley, unit in McGuffey Hill condominiums, $170,000.

619 E. High Street LLC to Munro C. Russell and Joe Richmond, Trustees, 619 East High Street, $840,000.

Donald J. and Laura M. Crotteau to Caleb A. and Katherine G. Jaffe, 1617 Cambridge Circle, $262,500.

Russell F. and Sophie C. Speidel to Margaret M. VanBree, 1873 Field Road, $425,000.


Wallace C. Dowell to Samuel W. LeBeau, 308 10th Street NW, $82,000.

Bruce E. and Sharon Leffler to Christina Salidis, 628 Blenheim Avenue, $154,500.

John P. Thomas to Chad S. Dodson and Katherine L. Balfour, 1811 Meadowbrook Heights Road, $313,500.


Aaron C. and Megan C. Sheehan-Dean to Gordon M. and Mildred H. Wotton, 245 Monte Vista Avenue, $210,000.



John C. and Stacie H. Reid to Robert and Tasneem Carey, 1872 Winston Road, $517,000.