Leave better half alone

Regarding your June 12 article, "Not Colin: Downtown's unsung backer," (http://www.readthehook.com/93598/news-not-colin-downtowns-unsung-backer) about Dorothy and Colin Rolph: How quickly you forget all the positive community service the Rolphs have provided through their support of numerous non-profit organizations, the University of Virginia, and the economic health of downtown.

How often do we have new arrivals to our community step up to the plate so promptly to help with the many challenges in our community? Mr. and Mrs. Rolph have given generously of their time, money, and influence to affect this community in many positive ways.

For their efforts, you and others in the community see fit only to engage in gossip and innuendo regarding their private lives. Mr. and Mrs. Rolph are not politicians, not public servants, not elected officials. They are generous, well meaning, and truly community-minded individuals.

Their personal affairs are not only none of our business and also most certainly not worthy of criticism by you, simply to sell newspapers. Such "news" reporting acts as a real disincentive for anyone with means and good intention to contribute to our community.

Both deserve their privacy, and more importantly, many thanks for all they have done to make Charlottesville/Albemarle a better place to live.

Sheldon Anderson

George Ray

Albemarle County