The week in review

Published June 26, 2003, in issue #0225 of The Hook

Best Supreme Court decision for UVA admissions: The court rules that colleges and universities can consider race to achieve diversity. UVA says it will continue its current admissions policies.

Worst jumping the gun: Upon the advice of Virginia Attorney General Jerry Kilgore, Virginia Tech– thinking the vote would go the other way– cuts 16 programs geared toward minorities.

Worst decision for porno lovers and librarians: The Supreme Court rules that anti-porn filters can be required in public libraries, even though librarians and civil libertarians contend that's censorship and the blocking software prevents access to more than porn.

Worst way to get an invitation: Through political pressure, which seems to be the only way Virginia Tech will be invited to the ACC dance.

Best news for contractors: UVA unveils its master plan for upcoming construction projects totaling over $600 million.

Second and third best holdings among Virginia's members of the House of Representatives: The 7th District's Eric Cantor with assets between $1.37 million to $4.7 million, and 5th District Rep. Virgil Goode at $1.1 million to $3 million.

Best plan for low- and middle-income housing: Turn a Levy Avenue parking lot into mixed-income residences, the Charlottesville Redevelopment and Housing Authority proposes, according to the Progress.

Best scare-mongering: The Piedmont Environmental Council publishes the Albemarle County Clarion, predicting a NOVA-like future for Albemarle.

Worst fact: It might come true.

Worst cleanup: 311 12th Street NE, the trash-filled house found filled with animals including snakes both dead and alive.

Best quote about the worst cleanup: Donald Pleasants with Better Home Maintenance, who's in charge of the cleanup, remarks in a Reed Williams story in the Daily Progress, "I've been doing this for 30 years, and I've never seen anything like this. Never. Ever. Never."

Best local Hardy Boy: Jeremy Dunn, who has posted flyers all over town to find the person or persons responsible for swiping his camera bag at Court Square June 10, according to another Williams story.

Worst fire: Wildfires sweeping through Arizona have already burned almost 1,000 homes and threaten one University of Arizona observatory, but so far, not the controversial Mt. Graham Observatory, in which UVA invested last year.

Best fundraising for a governor: Mark Warner rakes in $1 million at a dinner for his One Virginia PAC.

Best fundraising for a president: George W. Bush pulls in $4 million on June 23 at a New York bash.

Bestseller: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix sells over five million copies over the weekend. Hundreds of local kids and parents pack Barnes & Noble to stand in line for pictures with Hagrid and a chance to guess the number of jelly beans in a jar.

Worst omission: In Lynchburg, 33 pages are discovered missing in copies of the latest Harry Potter book.

Best sign your luck has run out: 1994 Virginia Lottery winner Jody Lee Taylor is arrested after driving naked in the wrong direction on U.S. 58 and then trying to run down a deputy.

Best story of American over-eating: Virginian Carson "Collard Green" Hughes triumphs in a hot dog eating contest in Norfolk by scarfing down 16 wieners to defeat the favored Crazy Legs Conti, the AP reports.

Second best story about American over-eating: "Woman takes a stab at 72-ounce slab of sirloin" in the Washington Post recounts Angela Daniels' attempt to get a $50 meal in Amarillo free by eating a whole 4 1/2-pound steak along with a baked potato, salad, and rolls.