I like the idea

The quotes you printed [May 15: "Transit Center: location irks tranportation advocates"] (http://www.readthehook.com/93483/news-transit-center-location-irks-trans...) give the impression that I am critical of the Transit Center project. I'm not.

In fact, I think the project is very positive. The loss of the connection at Seventh Street is inconvenient, but perhaps one other crossing on the Downtown Mall might be worth studying. This idea is an anathema to some, but the existing crossing has been of some benefit– and certainly not the disaster that was predicted.

A Mall crossing is useful in by providing visibility and access, while providing a boost for businesses and convenience for cross traffic. The 2nd Street crossing seems to work fine, and another one might keep some needed connectivity, while providing benefit to East Mall businesses.

I commend the City for engaging a design team to produce a thoughtful urban plan, and for gaining concensus the via public meetings and presentations. The expanded Mall and new amphitheater will certainly be positive. I look forward to conveniently arriving and departing downtown in style at a smart new transit hub.

Gate Pratt
Limehouse Architects