The week in review

Worst arsonist: Lyle M. Wagner allegedly sets his Wayland Drive house in Crozet on fire June 10 and then tells the fire marshal he did it. The house is completely destroyed, and Wagner is charged with felony arson.

Best breather for Fontaine Avenue residents: City Council wants VDOT to delay buying property to widen the street.

Worst news for the Rice defense: The judge rules that another hiker can testify that he believes alleged killer Darryl David Rice was in the Shenandoah National Park during the 1996 weekend when two women were slain. [See news story page X.]

Worst news for Albemarle's high school Coke drinkers: Vending machines selling soft drinks will be inoperable between 6am and the end of the school day.

Best decision for wine drinkers: The Albemarle supes allow the opening of a store at Keswick Vineyards Winery, despite neighbors' grousing.

Best decision for Richmond streakers: An appeals court rules that Richmond's ban on public nudity is unconstitutional.

Worst mold: The new Locust Grove Middle School in Orange, which may not be able to open as scheduled this fall, Olympia Meola reports in the Progress.

Worst "foreign substance" found in a Gordonsville park: Semen, believes William Small, who lives near Verling Park and who shows town council photographs of the mysterious substance he found on playground equipment after hearing "moaning and groaning" in the park, according to a Kate Andrews story in the Progress.

Best Carl and Hunter Smith philanthropy of the week: $5 million to Monticello.

Worst use of the word "exclusive": On the cover of the June-July Albemarle magazine, to describe its interview with Governor Mark Warner. That issue arrived around the time The Hook– and other periodicals– published interviews with the state's media-available guv.

Best photo of severe varicose veins: In the June 16 Progress.

Best film hero: Gregory Peck, who died June 12, for his performance as Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird, according to the American Film Institute.

Best indication it's not really about how well you play the game: The Big East is suing the Atlantic Coast Conference for trying to lure the University of Miami, Boston College, and maybe Syracuse University to the ACC.

Best parlaying public experience into private profit: Former Albemarle delegate Paul C. Harris is leaving the Department of Justice to go to work for major defense contractor Raytheon, presumably for "big bucks," says Delegate Mitch Van Yahres in a Bob Gibson Daily Progress story.

Best showing by a local band at a festival: The Hackensaw Boys open the sold-out Bonnaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee, last weekend. Eighty-thousand people catch over 60 musical acts, including Neil Young, the Dead, the Allman Brothers Band, and James Brown.

Best showing by a local band on a list: DMB takes slot #71 on VH-1's list of the top 100 songs of the past 25 years with "Crash Into Me.''

Worst song on the VH-1 list: The excruciating "My Sharona'' by The Knack, in 64th place.