The week in review

Worst hate crime: Former Albemarle deputy Stephen Shiflett's March 13 alleged allegation. If he really concocted a fake shooting by an imaginary African American, he may join South Carolinian child-drowner Susan Smith and late Bostonian wife-killer Charles Stuart in the pantheon of race-baiting criminals.

Best thing about the fake shooting: Nobody got shot.

Worst MIA at RWSA/RSWA: Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority and Rivanna Solid Waste Authority executive director Larry Tropea disappears, taking a mysterious administrative leave with pay before resigning June 9, David Dadurka reports in the Daily Progress.

Worst outbreak: The African monkeypox virus, previously unseen in the Western Hemisphere, hits the Midwest through infected pet prairie dogs.

Worst return disease in Virginia: West Nile, which is spread by mosquitoes, turns up in two Fauquier County crows.

Worst intestinal outbreak: The Hyatt Dulles is closed and scrubbed down after 60 wedding guests are stricken with a virus similar to the one that's been plaguing cruise ships.

Worst graduation week tragedy: Two Charlottesville High class of 2002 members– Ross Brent Pickering and Aaron Zentgraf– die in a June 5 automobile accident.

Worst perp walk: Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart is indicted June 4 for misdeeds that are dwarfed by Enron, Worldcom, Tyco, and Adelphia perp walkers, who have yet to be convicted.

Worst post-Jayson Blair fallout at the New York Times : Executive editor Howell Raines and managing editor Gerald Boyd resign June 5.

Worst Snoop Dogg/Red Hot Chili Peppers casualty: A college student walking barefoot on a wet staircase is electrocuted at a June 6 concert in Charlotte.

Worst missing evidence: Iraq's alleged weapons of mass destruction

Best slice through county bureaucracy: Albemarle combines zoning, planning and engineering departments into three new divisions within one department of community development.

Worst news for wannabe Target shoppers: Albemarle's Board of Supervisors delays a public hearing until July 16 on rezoning Hollymead Town Center on U.S. 29, where the popular retailer expects to locate.

Best war chest: Delegate Rob Bell has raised $111,000– and he's running unopposed, according to a Bob Gibson story in the Progress.

Best car-crashes-into-a-building photo: The Progress' Andrew Shurtleff captures the bad back-up on Cherry Avenue June 5 that takes out the side of an apartment building.

Worst practice session: Recent Charlottesville visitor Anna Kournikova, who lost to the number 384th ranked player in the first round at the Boyd Tinsley $25,000 USTA Women's Pro Tennis Championships at the Boar's Head on May 14, withdraws in tears June 9 in Birmingham, England, from the DFS Classic, a Wimbledon warm-up tourney.

Worst case of over-the-top panhandling: Lorenzo Octavius Gray is charged with impeding the free passage of a pedestrian and aggravated assault of a police officer June 1 on the Downtown Mall, according to WINA.

Worst local abduction: A 14-year-old riding on the back of a moped allegedly is told he has to strip to get his cell phone back, the Progress reports. Derek S. Saylor, 18, is charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor and felony abduction June 9.

Worst national abduction: A nine-year-old San Jose girl is kidnapped from her home June 6 after her mother and brother are beaten, but is found June 8.

Best play: Hairspray wins eight Tonys.

Best news for Ivy short-cutters: Severed by flood-waters on March 20,

West Leigh Drive, a private neighborhood road that conveniently links Owensville Road to Rt. 250, reopens to thru-traffic on Monday, June 2.

Best steaming pile: As a way to beat the cost of doubled trash stickers, activist Kevin Cox touts his steaming piles of compost on George Loper's website.