Blobville: Kuttners' New York pad oozes love

It's good to be a Kuttner. At least it looks good on the May 18 cover of The New York Times Magazine.

That's where Ludwig Kuttner and Beatrix Ost loll in various stages of undress– he's covered only by bath bubbles, she's in her pajamas– in a Technicolor boudoir notable for its Jetson-like ability to be simultaneously futuristic and retro.

The couple primarily resides at the oh-so-traditional Estouteville, a 500-acre Jeffersonian estate in Esmont. But their upper West Side Manhattan pied a terre offers the polar opposite experience architecturally.

"Blobitecture" is the name for this type of design, which relies heavily on plastic and flowing lines that have neither beginning nor end. The Kuttner/Ost apartment was designed by NYC-based husband/wife architecture team Sulan Kolatan and William MacDonald, who say inspiration for the apartment was randomly taken from everyday shapes– such as spoons– plugged into 3-D animation programs.

"We call this place Cleopatra's submarine," Ost tells the Times. The bathroom and bedroom are separated not by a door, but by two opaque panels, and the bright-orange bathroom's single sink sums up the couple's feelings for each other: "Instead of being lonely and remote from each other," Ost says, "we can be close."


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