Trailer wags are wrong

What a shame you felt the need to print such a demeaning article in the News section, May 29, "O.R. in a trailer." ( What are the chances that UVA administrators would put the public's safety at risk while expanding an already "state of the art" O.R.?

Maybe if you had taken the time to go into one of the trailers and look at it, you'd see what they can do. This is not a new concept unique to UVA.

What was the point of finding a negative physician and employee? Were they specifically the people involved? I think not; most of those involved in the project have a positive attitude about it and are anxious to get started.

And lastly, if you think the last paragraph about "Wags suggested a promotional campaign" was in any way humorous, you're in dire need of therapy. I can only hope that those who live in trailer parks in this city speak up and demand you justify labeling them "wife beaters."

And just for the record, I have a pretty decent pedigree, and I like pork rinds!

Deborah P. Franklin, RN, CRNFA
University of Virginia Medical Center ElectroPhysiology Lab