Morrell has a story, too

I understand it's a newspaper's job to find stories, maybe develop them a bit, and write them up for us to read. We all love good stories. The "Unhappy camper" story [Cover, May 29] ( is not one of those stories.

I have known the Morrells, the other victims in your story of Margaret Jackson. One major part of the story is missing, which you'll never hear Morrell's story. It's a private matter and does not need discussing in print.

Yes, it's a shame if Jackson is correct that she lost some money to Morrell, and I would figure he still plans to fulfill his part of the deal. Jackson should get on with her hike, get away from gossipy Charlottesville, and hit the trail! Put this behind her, so to speak, and follow her vision.

Morrell is not needed for this hike, so I hope she is out there as we speak.

Greg Gelburd