Far out!!

In The Hook of May 29, 2003, your cartoon "Slow Wave" makes Charlton Heston the butt of a sad attempt at humor, or perhaps political satire.

In any event, I believe it falls flat, and in view of the recent revelation that Heston has developed Alzheimer's disease is, to say the least, disgusting on your part.

Charlton Heston served this country in World War II as an aerial gunner and has been a fine example of integrity. Perhaps that's why "Slow Wave" has elected to attack him.

It goes without saying that the fact that the cartoonist, Jesse Reklaw, resides in Berkeley, California, speaks volumes. One columnist recently wrote that in his recent trip to that fair city, he did not observe one American flag flying.

Until now, I was under the impression that The Hook was an alternative to the left-leaning C-ville paper, but it appears that The Hook is another far-out liberal publication.

F.W. Kahler