Carl R. and Noel M. Purdy to Per O. and Pamela S. Sjolinder, 0.011 acre at 646 Miller School Road, $3,000.

Fonda P. and Albert Crawford Sr. to Dragan and Suada Herceg, 2476 Whitney Court, Briarwood, $129,000.

Forbes R. Reback and David Kudravetz, Trustees, to Mary Scott and John H. Birdsall III, 30 acres on State Route 678 at 2755 Schelford Farm, no price given.

Patrick F. and Roslyn R. Nuesch to Paul G. St. Pierre, 5.0 acres on State Route 810, Blackwell Hollow Road, $70,000.

Church Hill Development Co. to James B. Spence III, Trustee, 2.15 acres at Church Hill, $102,500.

Hunter E. Craig Co. to Contracting Services Inc., parcel in Mill Creek, $55,000.

John G. Desmond, Trustee of Belvedere Station Land Trust, to Jeremiah P. and Maureen T. Bresnahan, 1220 Townbrook Crossing, Rivercrest at Dunlora, $296,950.

Ronnie L. Burris to Ruth S. Emlet, 4754 Clover Ridge Court, Highlands at Mechum's River, $150,000.

Marie-Jeanne B. Dane to Joseph R. Dane, parcel in Knollwood subdivision, gift.

Bryan A. and Leslie A. Shepard to Stephen D. and Teresa M. Walsworth, 896 Summit View Lane, Cory Farm, $ 316,500.

Redfields Development Corp. to Craig Enterprises Inc., .997 acres at Redfields, $46,000.

Michael J. Parent to Prudential Residential Services, 159 Buttercup Lane, Lake Reynovia, $178,500.

Prudential Residential Services to Steven Belcher and Monique Moshier, 159 Buttercup Lane, Lake Reynovia, $178,500.

Ellsworth J. Holley Sr. to Veronica Wilson and Ellsworth J. Holley Jr., parcel on State Route 250 West, gift.

Louise C. Putnam-Stoner to John N. Stoner, 11.565 acres at 230 Chestnut Oak Lane, gift.

Julane B. Pezzoli, Trustee, to Paul Warnick, 1222 Clifden Greene, RiverRun, $134,500.

Catherine M. Wood and Dolores W. Peden to Melanie Lee Domres and Glenda Scherer, .90 acres on State Route 655, $179,900.

Susan Meyerson to Sandra I. Lopez-Baez and Sonia A. Ardila, 3208 Gateway Circle, $178,500.



Mary P. Newton to Tiffany A. Coker, 929 Rives Street, $112,100.

William R. Miller to Sylvia Woodfolk, 803 Anderson Street, no price given.

Sylvia Woodfolk to Lane L. Bonner III, 803 Anderson Street, $74,500.

J. Gregory and Martha B. Wall to Mindy and Charles T. Martin III, 1106 Herndon Road, $175,500.

William S. and Gloria J. Rice to 408 E. Market Street LC, unit in Maclin Building condominiums, $67,000.

Lanvinia K. Boyd to Joseph F. Mallory, 404 Dice Street, $55,000.

James B. Spence Jr. to TDC LLC, three parcels on Avon Street, $167,000.

TDC LLC to William D. Tucker III and Yvonne T. Griffin, three parcels on Avon Street, $167,000.

Edward F. Taylor Jr. to C. Wayne and Lethia J. Nuckols, 401 Orange Street, $225,000.

Jon Robert Floyd and William W. McAnany to Kevin P. Daly, 1006 Druid Avenue, $176,000.


 Mary S. McCloskey to Michel and Margaret F. VanYahres, 1710 Short 18th Street, $206,600.

Daniel L. Oakley to Connie Lee and David F. Freeman, 207 Cameron Lane, $420,000.

Chellie P. Polonitza to James E. Shifflett, 1147 Meriwether Street, $50,000.

Molly A. Gee to Jeanne M. Fradianni, 719 Rockland Avenue, $140,300.


Margaret W. Winchester to John R. Winchester, 554 Valley Road, no price given.

Michelle P. and B'Yanca A. Gibson to Lane C. Bonner III, .1100 acres at 710 Anderson Street, $50,000.


Sarah A. Motley to Heather Lynn Turner, 701 North Avenue, $148,000.

Alan D. and Joan Haverson to Ullrich A. and Alicia Haag, 1214 Smith Street, $175,000.

Deborah J. Brown to Stanton and Jennifer Braverman, 116 Douglas Avenue, $185,000.

Rebecca H. and James E. Treakle Jr. to the Sutton Group LLC, 700 East High Street, no price given.


Dawn M. Hayes and Roy Wagner to Lisa M. Antofanti and Bryan A. Hudock, 1406 Vine Street, $171,000.

Elwood and Evelyn B. Shifflett to Eric J. and Melanie B. Dobratz, 119 Westwood Circle, $174,000.

James P. and Louise F. Gunderson to Neil L. and Hope T. Norman, 1407 Forest Ridge Road, $181,000.

Ida Sacre to Monte and Joyce Rogers, 1515 Cherry Avenue, gift.

John D. and Debra A. Schomp to Creighton M. Hoover, 808 Belmont Avenue, $110,000.

David W. McConville and Kathleen A. Shannon to Elizabeth Cole Wilson, 1526 Oxford Road, $215,000.


Arthur M. Feiner and Marie O. Pealer to Benjamin R. Feiner, 122 Park Road, $226,000.


The Belmont Loft Company LLC to Keith F. Cheeley and Mary Elizabeth Jensen, .223 acres on Spruce Street, $36,000.

John T. Aden to Clarence Wells, 102 Locust Lane Court, $175,000.

Doris P. and Homer V. Brown Jr. to Alan Chin-Yuan Wong, 103 Darien Terrace, $120,000.

T. E. Wood to Vulcan Development Co. LLC, three parcels comprising 2.78 acres on Quarry Road, $190,000.

Joseph B. F. Phillips to J. Michael Osteen, 40 percent interest in 105 Valley Road, $55,000.

Capstone Properties LLC to Kathleen E. Mason, 600 Hinton Avenue, $133,900.

David S. Jones to Michael E. and Leah G. Matthew, 1526 Rutledge Avenue, $290,000.

Joseph F. and Dorrie A. Mallory to Hawthorne and Thelma Simpson, 412 Fifth Street SW, $134,000.

Glasser & Glasser (for Lucien A. Howard III) to Katherine G. Chapman, 803 Prospect Avenue, Orangedale, $66,497.53.


James T. and Brandi A. Marsh to Michael C. and Samantha W. Mattox, 912 Belmont Avenue, $132,000.

John H. Walker and Anne Stanford to Jeffrey Y. Cotton, 1200 Monticello Avenue, $150,000.

Ronald R. and Lynda C. Tweel to Michael T. and Victoria L Vastine-Folger, 2222 Brandywine Avenue, $357,000.

Catherine E. Bingler to Jonathan and Megan Kauffmann, 810 Rockland Avenue, $114,000.


John C. Schmidt and Jenefer C. Brouse to Heidi E. Martinson, 117 Hanford Court, $135,500.

Luke E. and Suzanne K. Kitelinger to Michael W. and Gail Ann Moyer, 902 Elliott Avenue, $166,400.

Jennifer A. Horton to Debra J. Inman, 1501 Early Street, $148,500.

Leslie L. Jones to Matthew J. and Joanna S. Lind, 817 Orangedale Avenue, $70,508.



Daniel L. Oakley to Connie Lee and David F. Freeman, 207 Cameron Lane, $420,000.