Let's cheat our way to success

Without a doubt, not many Charlottesville residents are surprised by the controversial results of UVA's inquiries into cases of plagiarism by its students, some pleading insanity in an attempt to avoid suspension. [May 5 cover story sidebar: "You gotta be crazy! Cheating students plead insanity."](http://www.readthehook.com/93434/cover-you-gotta-be-crazy-cheating-stude...).

I recall a forgotten episode from the mid-'90s when UVA's bookstore reported losses of something like $65,000 in stolen textbooks. As a result, administrators began to enforce a policy which forced students to check their bags and backpacks upon entering. Common sense.

Several UVA students threw temper tantrums– they claimed it was "townies" doing the stealing. (Every Charlottesville resident has a fetish for academic books on advanced particle physics, right?)

Students pointed out that are required to sign an Honor Code upon entering the school which prevents them from even considering such an act. The local natives are the only ones capable of such criminal activity, they claimed, and students should be able to carry their empty backpacks into the store guilt-free.

If students are allowed to commit plagiarism and are granted immunity because of some bizarre mental disorder which makes them lift passages of text from other authors, then the entire UVA Honor Code System is a joke. They, along with the ones who aren't getting caught, do not enjoy nor deserve their education as they intentionally disgrace their own institution's rules and ethics. They violated the sacred trust of teacher and student. Now, nobody ain't gonna trust nobody.

Lou Bloomfield, whose software caught so many students, might agree that this is the way things will work from now on. The tremendous amount of time spent dealing with these deceptive self-centered young adults is costing the Commonwealth of Virginia (that's us, folks!) how much money?

How smart do you have to be to get into UVA, anyway? I guess it doesn't matter.

I salute all of the good students and hard-working faculty of the University of Virginia. I spit on the spoiled and lazy, too stupid, or hung-over to conceive original thought and who are unappreciative of their student-status.

They need to learn to cite resources, cross-pollinating their papers with ideas from several sources, and to give credit where it is due. Perhaps we "townies" should replace our criminal system with a simple honor code. We can then have full immunity from murder, corporate-crime, drug-trafficking, or even... plagiarism.

Where do we sign up?

Eric Olive