Lane's honor attack lame

I was appalled when reading [part of The Hook's May 8 cover story] "Copycat? Another UVA Prof Endured Scandal."(

Appalled at the fact that UVA hired an admitted plagiarist, the fact that said plagiarist showed no remorse, but moreover, that she was so ignorant of the rules of conduct at the University: "You don't get expelled for rape or murder, but you do get expelled for cheating."

Hello? Ever heard of the University Judiciary Committee? They, much like the Honor Committee, have the power to suspend and expel students for various infractions, many of which are much less egregious than rape and murder. But we know she is incapable of research after the plagiarized portions of her doctoral dissertation, so I guess she wouldn't know.

I was overjoyed to learn that Ann Lane is close to retirement, because I would hate to think that the student body is being taught by an admitted cheater. Admitting cheating and stating the reason for it does not make it acceptable– cheating is always unacceptable.

Lane espouses the idea that we ought to listen to cheaters to find out why they cheated. We all have problems, deadlines, are lazy, and are afraid of receiving poor grades– one's reason for cheating is irrelevant.

The bottom line is Lane is a cheater, and I reproach the University for employing her and allowing her to be a role model for the students. UVA spokersperson Carol Wood stated "It [the cheating] had been dealt with so long ago that it was not an issue." UVa does not readmit students it expelled for cheating, and I hope they would hold at least the same standards for professors.

I sincerely hope UVA learns from its mistakes and will not hire another professor who is such an embarrassment to this fine institution.

Amy L. Dearborn