Hilda L. Baber to Ernest N. and Nancy Baber, 1/3 interest in l/5 interest in 328 acres in White Hall district, gift.

Richard J. and Debra L. Fisher to Carolyn Arney, 198 Reas Ford Road, Earlysville Forest, $237,000.

T.E. Worrell Jr., E.M. Freakley, and R.M. Smither Jr., Trustees of Ivy Creek Inc., to Thomas E. Worrell Jr., parcel in Ivy Creek, no price given.

Thomas E. Worrell Jr. to Aeacus Real Estate Ltd., parcel in Ivy Creek, no price given.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Arthur W. May, 1351 Stonegate Way, Stonegate at Western Ridge, $201,619.

Paul G. Barrett to Brenda H. Barrett, 1952 Sweet Hollow Lane, Dudley Mountain Lodges, pursuant to separation agreement.

Micajah A. Hicks Jr. to Nelson A. and Michelle S. Hicks, 10 acres at 6185 Dick Woods Road, gift.

Lorrie M. Norrington to John J. and Arden Gresh, 1265 Derbyshire Place, Glenmore, $940,000.

Patrick M. DeBarros et al., to Edgemont Farm LLC, 572.34 acres at 3392 Edgemont Farm, North Garden, $6,300,000.

Carson B. Lester to Michael W. Henderson, 2330 Austin Drive, Briarwood, $75,700.

Sandra J. Brake to Up & Over Farm LLC, 40 acres on State Route 805, $240,000.

Gary A. Paul to Robert J. Andris, 3645 Worcester Lane, Glenmore, $545,000.

ZeMac Properties LLC to Michael W. Henderson, 2330 Austin Drive, Briarwood, $139,500.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Gardner Dalton Inc., parcel in Springridge, Forest Lakes, $221,950.

William D. Tucker III to Nancy B. Bauer, unit in RiverRun, $85,000.

Jose M. Ferrer, Executor, to Alfredo A. Garcia, 618 Kearsarge Circle, Kearsarge, $242,500.


 Glenmore Associates Ltd. to Lawrence A. Groves and Debra L. Bryant, 110 McGregor Court, $240,000.

Redfields Development Corporation to Wendell W. Gibson Inc., four parcels in Redfields, $170,000.

Thomas A. Krausz to A. Elizabeth Blankenship, 1376 Dunlora Drive, Riverwalk of Dunlora, $405,000.


Janice V. and Russell H. Davis III to Jennifer S. and George L. Zorn III, 1020 Hayrake Lane, Redfields, $230,000.

University of Virginia Real Estate Foundation to Rector & Visitors of the University of Virginia, 3.7277 acres in Fontaine Research Park, $14,782,000.

Anne H. Ingram LLC to Greif Brothers Corp., timber rights to 320.09 acres off State Route 735, $135,000.

Redfields Development Corp. to Craig Enterprises Inc., two lots in Redfields, $85,000.

Lasalle Bank, Trustee, to Michael Boyes, 4616 Loving Road, North Garden, $61,000.

Richard C. Tilghman Jr., and Stanard T. Klinefelter, Trustees, to Mary D. Tilghman, l/2 interest in 583.52 acres fronting on State Routes 712 and 717, Quiet Entry Farm, gift.

C. David and Barbara Jean Allis to Scott T. and Leslie T. Acton, 2 Old Farm Road, Belair, $425,100.


Ronald J. and Edwina D. Meade to Bourbeuse LLC, 27.84 acres on Taylor Creek on the border of Nelson and Albemarle County, State Route 633, $360,000.

Mary Ward Rogers to Charles A. and David Z. Rogers, 2.01 acres on Dick Woods Road, $30,000.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $86,849.

Frank J. Squillace to Susan P. Squillace, 2145 Meadowfield Way, pursuant to separation agreement.

Frank J. Squillace to A. Dandridge Gregg, 21 acres at Ridgeway Farm, $175,000.

Leah K. and John M. Arrington Jr. to Leah K. Arrington, 1109 Olympia Drive, Fontana, no price given.

G. Benton Patterson to Virginia S. Patterson, nine percent interest in 1.0 acre in Northside Industrial Park, gift.

Mark N. Louisell to John W. and Sandra W. Golder, 202 Pine Ridge Lane, Terrybrook, $197,760.

John W. and Sandra W. Golder to Bruce and Cheryl Sanborn, 1449 Monterey Drive, Four Seasons, $157,000.

Amre Z. Massoud to Weston E. and Lisa W. Decker, 1535 Primrose Lane, Lake Reynovia, $173,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Kristi Noel and Shannon K. Hofer, 3191 Turnberry Circle, Springridge in Forest Lakes, $231,063.

White Oak Lane Co. LLC to Grace Notes Ltd. UK, 24.40 acres at Valmont on the James, $145,000.

David J. and Jane L. McLaughlin to Darla Davies, 1430 Piper Way, Glenmore, $276,450.

Deborah M. and James Q. Grant to Stephen S. and Dorothy A. Santiago, 801 Caitlin Drive, White Oaks subdivision, Crozet, $429,000.



Patrick M. DeBarros et al. to Edgemont Farm LLC, 572.34 acres at 3392 Edgemont Farm, North Garden, $6,300,000.