JPA demo: Mansion leveled for another student-plex

When we reviewed Carrollton Manor, a derelict old mansion at 1730 Jefferson Park Avenue [On the Block, September 19: "On the brink: Save this JPA mansion!"] the column ended with the plea that the place be purchased and restored to its former glory as a residence. Vain hope.

On December 30, the 1920 structure was sold for $625,000 to 1730 JPA LLC, a company headquartered in Naples, Florida. And on March 27, Dwight Snead Landscaping and Paving Company of Glen Allen leveled the structure and hauled the rubble away.

Abetted by zoning changes allowing greater housing densities, JPA has transitioned in recent years from large turn-of-the-century dwellings to large student apartment blocks. It sounds like one more is on the way.

David Cooke, who represented the buyer, says the developers, whom he declined to name, are working with a local architect on plans for "some type of residential multi-unit type property" which will probably "start coming out of the ground within the next six to twelve months."