Schilling is shrilling

I was disappointed to read of Councilor Rob Schilling's lack of cooperation with the rest of City Council during the budgetary process [News April 24, 2003: "Honeymoon's over: Schilling and Lynch trade barbs"] (

At the time of Schilling's election, I was optimistic– I hoped that he might be able to provide a view lacking on Council, influencing both agenda and legislation by working with his fellow Council members. Instead, Councilor Schilling has set himself up in opposition to the rest of Council, distancing himself from them so much that he no longer appears willing to cooperate with them. In doing so, he has set himself on a path to three years of irrelevance, having effectively reduced Council to a four-member board for most purposes.

It is my sincere hope that Councilor Schilling will stop behaving like somebody who is running for office, and start behaving like somebody who has already been elected to office. A year ago.

Waldo Jaquith