M. Yalcin and Nina L. Ozbey to Dunova LLC, 204 Montebello Circle, no price given.

Floyd W. Hurt Jr. to David A. Waldner and Elizabeth F. Thompson, 111 Perry Drive, $269,000.

Ellen L. Wilson to Holly L. Hertberg, 732 Monticello Avenue, $249,250.


Heather S. Casey to Stephen R. Keller and Juliette A. Neville, 129 Greenwich Court, $123,000.


John and Erla B. Piccini to Andrea A. Faith, 1303 Poplar Street, $187,500.


Maurice J. Thomas Jr. to Frank Bergland, 710 Belmont Avenue, $160,000.


Kellytown LLC to Rae Development Corp., parcel at Madison Place PUD, $58,439.30.

Lance P. and Sybil A. Woodburn and Cynthia W. James and

Christopher P. Woodburn to C. Randolph Thunfors, unit in Wertland condominiums, $99,500.

Cecelia P. Ruskey to Amy J. Barton, 19 Mobile Lane, $120,000.


David and Douglas Morris to Alice Cary Brown, 422 Second Street NE, $1,064,667.

Molly B. Lewis to John A. and Barbara J. Cruickshank, 917 Blenheim Avenue, $135,000.

Ian Pallini to Peter Spielman and Stephen Deutsch, Trustees, unit in Venable condominiums, $85,500.



Ballinger Creek Farm LLC to Jeffrey T. and Karen F. Roney, 3215 Heathcote Lane, Glenmore, gift.

James P. Cox III and Thomas J. Michie Jr., Trustees of the First Rio Road Land Trust, to Charlottesville Piano Co. Inc., lot in Greenfields subdivision, $340,000.

Sandal Inc. to Marleine L. Clay and David W. Rogers Jr., 2273 Piper Way, Glenmore, $672,508.14.

Juliet E. Deford to Juliet E. Deford and George L. Wade, 3428 Scottsville Road, gift.

Grayrock LLC to R. D. Wade Builder Inc., four lots at Grayrock, $240,000.

Grayrock LLC to Craig Enterprises Inc., three lots in Grayrock, $191,000.

Hilda V. Washington to Vivian W. Gill, 3283 Monacan Trail Road, North Garden, gift.

Weston Development Co. LC to William J. and Rebecca G. Viglione, 1.377 acres in Walnut Hills subdivision.

Alan D. and Joan Haverson to Timothy Duffey, 48.55 acres south of Keene, $195,000.


Zane E. and Sally M. Jones to Alan H. and Julie A. Matsumoto, 3302 Rosebud Lane, Rosemont, $76,250.

Grayrock LLC to Craig Enterprises Inc., three lots in Grayrock, $168,000.

Donald St.P. and Mercedes T. Richards to Paul and Nora H. Loukides, 103 Vicar Court, Canterbury Hills, $260,000.

Joan C. Raulet, Trustee, to Denise A. Kranich and Gary J. Goerss, 46.5 acres on the west side of Old Lynchburg Road, $500,000.

Roger R. and Christiane T. Katcham to Kenneth A. and Joan A. Krackow, 20.647 acres at 3618 Free Union Road, $910,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Patricia H. Love, 1145 Rustic Willow Lane, Forest Lakes South, $192,950.

John E. Elledge to Patricia D. Elledge, 7317 Corville Farm Road, Tiffany subdivision, Greenwood, $90,000.

Linda Lee Hodson to Martin Bender, 3737 Skyline Crest Drive, $239,000.

John A. and Alice C. Walker to Marion L. Hawkins and Jane E. Hendricks-Hawkins, 5.94 acres at 1010 Winter Hawk Circle, Keswick, $200,000.

Fairfield Classic Homes Inc. to Suzan L. and Arthur Garson Jr., 5.032 acres on State Route 677, Ivy Run, $565,000.


Dean R. and Mary S. Barber to Hupman Farms Inc., unit in LeParc, RiverRun, $192,500.

Obea D. Glass Jr. to Janet L., Ronald, and Skye N. Adkins, 6528 Bear Creek Road, Faber, $1,000.

Paul W. and Joann Hiner to Paul J. and Sherry D. Berka, 301 Glade Lane, Townwood, gift.

Janny E.M. VanBeek to Grayson C. McNeely, 9.4039 acres on the east side of State Route 663, $245,000.

Raymond M. and Jean F. Carlton to Carrie E. Johnson, 755 Exton Court, $118,800.

Joseph D. Harding III to Tony A. Wyant and Deborah M. Snow, 5748 Park Road, Crozet, $45,500.

James B. Spence III, Trustee, to Louis F. Foster Jr. and Nancy L. Hopkins, 531 Rolling Valley Court, Foxcroft, $259,900.

Calvin P. Dilks to William L. Carter, 3.461 acres at 5028 Free Union Road, $145,000

Woodbriar Associates Ltd. to Bruce T. Austin and Kelly McGinness, 4756 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $178,505.

Wendell E. Dunn III to John A. Meggs, 7.720 acres at 1915 Stillhouse Road, Ivy Farms, $525,000.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Springridge, Forest Lakes, $68,000.

Michael A. Woolard to Rosemary Y. Breen, 19 Georgetown Road, $145,000.

Fluvanna Land & Development LLC to James B. Spence III, Trusstee, lot in Foxcroft, $44,000.


Deal of the Week:


David and Douglas Morris to Alice Cary Brown, 422 Second Street NE, $1,064,667.