Curtis O. Kenney to Grace L. Tinsley, 932 Charlton Avenue, gift.


 John J. and Heather L. Gildea to Joshua W. and Tracie M. Murrah, 1433 Westwood Road, $237,500.

Michael J. and Barbara C. Oblinger to 211D Second St. LLC, unit in McGuffey Hill condominiums, no price given.

Stephen E. and Lauren J. Knott to Flodesha L. Winston, 128-A Longwood Drive, $101,000.

Stephen D. Pfleiderer to Jenefer D. Garstang, 908 Locust Lane, $165,000.

Margaret A. Jackson to Deborah A. Johnson, 902 Rock Creek Road, $105,000.

Frederick S. Bryant to Mark N. and Latonie C. Stinnie, 224 Lankford Avenue, $124,100.

Michael K. and Terry K. Vassalos to Gregory A. and Shannon C.K. Horridge, 708 Elizabeth Avenue, $110,000.

Brett T., Christopher R., and Penny L. Valentine to Elsy Kalaparampath and Deepak Satheesh, 107 Danbury Court, $142,000.


Kevin L. Smith to Benjamin J. Camp, 104 Oak Street, $105,000.

Trilateral Corp. to Marianne J. Taylor, 114 Chisholm Place, $149,500.

Thien Tinh Son and Anh Kim Son to Roger W. and Deborah J. Collyer, 706 Elizabeth Avenue, $174,000.

Fortis D. and Nancy M. Morse to Gerald E. and Carol W. Fisher, Trustees, two parcels in Locust Meadows, $206,000.

Gregory M. Weiss to Benchmark Drywall Ltd., 1612 Meridian Street, $148,000.


Lane L. Bonner III to Development Management LLC, parcel on Gordon Avenue, no price given.

Patrick L. Burns to Coamo Properties LLC, unit in Jefferson Park condominiums, 2104 Jefferson Park Avenue, $87,000.

William B., Donna D., and Georgia M. Sullivan to Brad Wilmouth, unit in Wertland Commons condominiums, $101,500.

Frank Bergland to Galen Staenge and Joanna Salidis, 129 Goodman Street, $274,950.

Stephen C. Burger to Charles F. and Christiana G. Lyons, 1624 Mason Lane, $159,000.

Charles A. McCurdy to Dwayne A. Bulls and Andrea M. Ruth-Bulls, 930 Rock Creek Road, $72,500.

Edmund H. Dingman to George W. and Shirley W. Bolton, 808 Altavista Avenue, $91,000.

Metropolitan Properties LLC to Affordable Suites of America Inc., 2.365 acres at 524 Harris Road, $2,861,100.


Mary Lee Webb to Michael J. and Suzanne E. Michaels, 600 Northwood Avenue, $365,000.

Lora A. Brown, Ida F. Williams, and A. Dudley Chamberlain Jr. to Pangean Properties LLC, 936 Henry Avenue, $48,000.

Christopher S. Reid, Melissa M. Thursh, and Emily E. Scida, 2526 Willard Drive, $229,500.


Morgan W. Ruby, Trustee, to Sultan A. Komak, 109 Elkhorn Road, $163,000.

Oliver Kuttner to Roger W. and Deborah J. Collyer and John F. and Paul Hollenbach, 1218 E. Market Street, Lee's Auto Body Shop, $445,000.

Colleen Blakely and Cherise M. Valencia to Charles E. and Melody D. Swartz, 1326 Monticello Road, $174,900.

Deal of the Week:


Metropolitan Properties LLC to Affordable Suites of America Inc., 2.365 acres at 524 Harris Road, $2,861,100.