Vote with your dollars

I would like to call recent letter writer Michael Burns [April 10, Letters: "A better way to speak: vote"] ( on his simplistic instructions not to protest the war but to "vote in the next election."

Where was Burns during the last presidential "election," which a lot of people felt was unfair, not because "their guy" lost, but because the entire process was flawed, like most elections are?

Until every single vote counts, sans the Electoral College that is long past its time, I see little need to participate in the political process above the local level. Of course, this includes protesting the war. Me, I vote with the only thing that seems to matter to anyone any more: my dollar.

I encourage others to do the same. After all, corporations, not the people, run the USA. Find out what your favorite companies do behind closed-door board meetings and decide if they deserve your cash. You'll be "shocked and awed," I promise.

Donna Smith