Texas dealers lie, too

I really can relate to your car salvage story [Cover story, "Taken for a ride," January 23, 2003] (http://www.readthehook.com/92968/cover-story-taken-ride-loopholes-lemons...) a while back. The same thing is happening to me with a major car dealer here in Houston, Texas.

I pulled a Carfax history, and it says my car was salvaged in 11/99, and I bought the car in 11/00.

I am now going to have to hire an attorney. I have been to see the dealer a couple of times, and one was so rude he practically threw me and my five-year-old son out of his office.

I went back and talked to the president of the company, and he told me he would investigate, and that was it. He said Carfax is probably wrong.

Thanks for the great story. I thought I was all alone. I am a single mom and really don't have money for an attorney, but the dealer is so rude that I will have to scrape up the money. Did Ms. Damron ever get compensated?

Teri Easter
Houston, Texas

On April 7, Ms. Damron sued the dealership.–editor