Stopping traffic bad move

In the 1960s, the FBI trained thousands of undercover operatives on campuses such as Berkeley to infiltrate the antiwar movement. It is also known that in a more recent decade the FBI infiltrated hundreds of Earth Day rallies.

Those infiltrators apparently acted as followers rather than leaders during those operations, but logic tells us that the FBI or other agency would get "more bang for the buck" if they infiltrated the peace movement as leaders rather than followers.

I believe that they have, and this is indicated by one of your stories and pictures [News, "Road protest: Resistance was futile," March 27, 2003] ( of protesters in Charlottesville shutting down one of the city's biggest intersections close to rush hour. In D.C., protesters did this during rush hour (and protesters against international economic summits have employed the same tactic).

Do the protesters sincerely believe that the best way to win over an undecided or propagandized public is to snarl rush-hour traffic? The peace movement is making more enemies than converts by this Dumb and Dumber way of reaching people's hearts and minds.

Such protesters should actually think before following whatever leaders appear, and ask themselves, "Is this likely to help or hurt my cause?"

They are playing right into their opponents' hands and allowing themselves not only to be "contained," but to shoot themselves in the foot!

And The Hook is hardly being sagacious or serving them well by buying it all at face value, either.

Peter Holley