The week in review

Worst addition to network news: The daily tally of American and British dead, missing, and prisoners of war.

Worst omission to network news: The number of Iraqi dead, missing, and prisoners.

Most annoying addition to network news: The distracting news crawl at the bottom of the screen.

Worst American journalistic losses in Iraq: Michael E. Kelley, Atlantic Monthly editor-at-large and Washington Post columnist, and NBC correspondent David Bloom.

Best demonstration: War protesters and supporters clash outside the federal courthouse April 3, and heckling occurs, Reed Williams reports in the Daily Progress.

Worst gag order: Chesapeake forbids most city employees from talking to reporters.

Worst employment figures: March adds 108,000 jobs to February's 357,000-job decline, keeping unemployment at a steady 5.8 percent.

Worst news for dying millionaires: The Virginia Senate, by a narrow two-vote margin, backs Gov. Mark Warner in keeping the inheritance tax.

Best news for plate purists: An attempted override of Warner's veto on the "Choose Life" license plates dies in the House.

Worst intrusion between a woman and her doctor: A notary public is now required in Virginia to notarize authorization for a teenager's abortion, even if her parents consent.

Best relief for athletes: Jack Jouett Middle School will open its bathrooms to after-school players so they no longer have to use the woods or the portable toilets that so "menacingly" line the fields, reports Braxton Williams in the Daily Progress.

Best break for alleged Crozet killers: Albemarle County will not seek the death penalty against four teens accused of murdering Nola Annette Charles and her three-year-old son.

Worst county report: Supervisor Walter Perkins, 61, will not seek reelection for a fifth term because of an undisclosed illness.

Worst budget cut for rural or housebound booklovers: The Jefferson-Madison Regional Library's bookmobile is about to become a budget casualty.

Worst erection dysfunction: When two construction workers are injured by a falling concrete slab at the Emmet Street parking garage site April 3, Kurt Gould, an employee with Donley's Construction Company, tells the Cavalier Daily, "Basically we had an erection error very simple."

Best increase for UVA sports fans: In fundraising, which adds two gifts totaling $15 million earmarked for a new $132 million arena.

Worst increase for in-state UVA undergrads: In tuition, which goes up 11.2 percent next fall to almost $6,000.

Best adult activism: Adult business owners have banded together and gathered signatures on petitions objecting to Charlottesville's proposed new zoning ordinance that would limit sex shops and XXX-rated movies to 1,000 feet from residences, school, and other adult businesses, Elizabeth Nelson reports in the Progress.

Best purchase for sign makers: Psychiatric Solutions Inc. buys the Brown Schools of Virginia, which was Millmont Center and now will be called Whisper Ridge– the third name for the same facility in less than a year.

Worst decision for sign makers: The Albemarle Board of Supervisors denies an appeal by Freestyle that it be allowed to have a graphic on the sign at its new location in the former StarBase Alpha building.

Worst tobacco conundrum: An Illinois judge requires Philip Morris to post $12 billion bond for falsely advertising light tar cigarettes– which could jeopardize the tobacco manufacturer's payments to other states, including $21 million to Virginia's general fund.

Best statistics for Weight Watchers: According to the Virginia Department of Health, 57 percent of Virginians are obese or overweight.

Worst hayride mishap: Ten people are injured at the Homestead when a tractor crashes into a parked trailer, knocking 13 revelers off hay bales, according to the Progress.