Bruce C. and Bobra F. Locker to Frank H. and Tracy S. Weaver, 611 Beechwood Drive, $202,500.

Macrosoft Systems Inc. to Alan D. and Joan Haverson, 204 Ridge Street, $191,000.


 Louis F. Foster Jr. to Mary K. Harper, 804 Stonehenge Avenue, $126,000.

Neighborhood Investments LLC to Joseph F. and Dorie A. Mallory, 608 Monticello Avenue, $59,500.

Cassaundra Y. Harris to Megan Read and Ben Jacobs, 714 Monticello Avenue, $154,900.

James and Thomas Spitzer, Executors, to James East, 1164 Sycamore Street, $124,000.

David W. Carter to Clarence R. Garland, lot in Jordan subdivision, gift.

Joseph F. and Dorie A. Mallory to Matthew L. and Victoria Crane Engle, 608 Monticello Avenue, $174,900.


William G. and Lavonne M. Rodgers to Shelly D. Bryant, 912 Rock Creek Road, $71,500.

Mark Andrew Fontenot to A. David and Judith M. Drayer, 928 King Street, $134,000.

Lane L. Bonner III to Development Management LLC two lots on 14th Street NW, one lot on Gordon Avenue, two other lots, no price given.


James D. Stultz Jr. to Cynthia B. Stultz, 1523 Broad Avenue, gift.

Ruby C. and Linwood Gunter to Linwood Gunter, 50 percent interest in 1345 East Market Street, gift.


Haddad Brothers Inc. to Community Service Housing Inc., six lots at Pine and 7-l/2 streets, $95,000.

Candace C. Pierro to Roy JPA LLC, unit in Jefferson Park condominiums, $85,500.

Nellie Gross to Raymond M. Bruce, 1104 King Street, $32,200.


Jessica Mann to Alex Hancock, 2712 Eton Road, $340,000.

James Warfield to James Warfield and Loretta M. Hansberry, 920 Morton Lane, gift.

Martha Smith To Robert C. Craighurst and Susan J. Berres, 218 Dice Street, $125,000.

Lane Bonner III to Charles A. Pugh and Jennifer S. Snead, 113 Greenwich Court, $120,900.


Christopher S. and Lise H. Gordon to Corven and Cyndra Flynn and Shawna Crow, Trustees, 1501 Rosa Terrace, formerly S. Rockland Terrace, $67,500.

Philip D. Mandelkorn to Stephanie Heidelberg, 1618 Rugby Avenue, $258,000.


Ian H. and Charlotte M. MacGregor to Bradford B. Worrall and Donna T. Chen, 213 Sixth Street NW, $235,000.

William M. Brown to Rosario A. and Carlos E. Aquino, 879 Ridge Street, $141,000.

Thomas Micele to Myron R. and Phillis J. Renick, 1024 Martin Street, $202,000.



Southland Homes Inc. to Terry L. Hall, 1083 SomerChase Court, Hollymead Townhouses, $206,400.

Beechtree Associates General Partnership to L&M Associates General Partners, 2788 Hydraulic Road, Westfield, $1,275,000.

Faye R. and Carl L. Combs to Anita C. Roberts and Suzanne C. Ruddock, 4125 Green Creek Road, Schuyler, gift.

JaZan LLC to Hosni Haghighian, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $85,000.

Robert E. and Laura L. Hull to Douglas E. Caton, 1.42 acres on State Route 649, $209,471.

Ralph J. Bartholomew, Trustee, to Lynn T. Govoruhk, 2600 Northfield Road, Northfields, $259,500.

Karl A. and Kathryn R. Bowden to Esther L. Whitmire, 3021 Copper Knoll Road, Forest Lakes, $240,000


HAD Corp. to Kevin M. and Reine N. Gagliostro, 115 Sundrops Court, Lake Reynovia, $164,500.

Greenbrier Office Park LLC to Virginia Law Foundation, 1.311 acres at 105 Whitewood Road, $1,887,500.

A.M. Nichols, Trustee, to Redlands LLC, lot in Fontana, $64,000.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to Wendy P. Jones, 439 Cranberry Lane, Parkside Village, $281,900.

Virginia B. Bachmann to Mary V. Paton, Trustee, 1267 Branchlands Drive, Branchlands Village, $145,000.

JaZan LLC to Mack W. Ethridge, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $81,500.

James D. Stacy to Karen S. Stacy, 4590 Briarwood Drive, Briarwood, pursuant to separation agreement.

Liana Fortugno to Joseph E. and Bobby G. Dyar, 609 Nettle Court, Redfields, $269,500.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Springridge, Forest Lakes, $52,593.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Jorge and Devora Serrano, 3321 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $215,950.

William L. and Judy I. Hunt to Daniel J. and Jane G. Sweeney, 3415 Cotswold Lane, Glenmore, $632,970.


Alec R. Bowen Sr. to Michele Jordan, Trustee, two lots in Oak Hill subdivision, $119,200.

R.D. Wade Builders Inc. to M. Gabrielle Hall, 3171 Turnberry Circle, Forest Lakes, $229,950.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Jeffrey T. and Sandra R. Whitaker, 2212 Ambrose Way, River Creek, Dunlora, $389,950.

David M. and Sarah J. Cashel to Robert M. Flanagan, 3.45 acres at 5408 Union Mission Lane, Crozet, $110,300.

David A. Beach, Trustee, to David W. Kudravetz and George McCallum III, Trustees, 4.855 acres in Samuel Miller District, gift.

Margery S. Dawson to S. Stephens Dawson, 4 percent interest in 351.67 acres, gift.

Sara B. and Edgar F. Norment Jr. to Sara S. Blakewood, 920 Williston Court, West Leigh, gift.

Woodbriar Associates to Teressa S. Haislip, 4748 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $188,970.


James E. Welch and Kathleen H. McLean to Robin L. Howell, 768 Merion Greene, RiverRun, $132,500.

Thomas A. and M. M. Hamby to Jane Miller and Deborah A. Tyson, .2207 acres at 105 Falcon Drive, $100.

Union Planters PMAC to Stonehenge Financial Services Inc., 2.649 acres near Boyd Tavern, deed of quitclaim.

Franklin Credit Management Corp. to Debra L. Wilson, 2.649 acres near State Route 623, Boyd Tavern, $89,000.

Derek D. and Kelly V. Hass to Sigrid A. Bonnevie, 1.695 acres on State Route 637, $142,500.

William L. and Martha H. White to Thomas S. Mitchell, Trustee, 9239 Old Green Mountain Road, Esmont, $99,000.

Swift Run Inc. to Haden Construction Corp., lot in Foxcroft, $63,368.

Ashley M., Eleanor H., and Louis B. Brill II to Louis B. Brill II, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, gift.

Samuel I. White, Trustee to Thomas R. and Laura T. Pietro, 346 Bennington Woods, $123,420.

VanDerLinde Housing Inc. to S-K Ski Enterprises Inc., 3425 Turnberry Circle, Springridge, Forest Lakes, $289,950.

Margaret M. Adams to Marilyn B. Lutz, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $100,500.

Rosemarie Broderick and Rosemarie Milleson to Sarah J. Morton and Deborah J. Brown, 3.121 acres at 351 Eliza Lane, Earlysville, $168,400.

M. Gabrielle Hall to Phong Dang, 3269 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $283,000.

Alonzo J. Martin et al., to Jeffrey H. McCormack and Patricia B. Wallens, .012 acres at 2056 Proffit Road, $571.

Robert Lee and Keli Rae Strait to Derek D. and Kelly V. Hass, 457 Peacock Drive, Peacock Hill, $211,000.

A.G. Williams Construction Co. to Robert Lee and Keli Rae Strait, 272 Grey Dove Lane, Peacock Hill, $285,000.

Kavanaugh Homes Inc. to Patrick J. and Kari B. Kelly, 2179 Heathcote Lane, Glenmore, $862,000.

Deal of the Week:


Kavanaugh Homes Inc. to Patrick J. and Kari B. Kelly, 2179 Heathcote Lane, Glenmore, $862,000.