Cut a rug: Chasing the elusive two-step

Dürty Nelly's and Tragic Thieves
Friday, March 21, 2003

Dancing is dead. People don't dance no 'mo. Why is it that there is so much music, but so little dancing? I hear homophobes joke and whisper about how they won't go to Club 216, but at least you can find someone dancing there. If those same 'phobes were smart, they would know that where there is dancing, there is women...

...So, off I go on a mission to find some dancing. My first stop at the UVA Corner is a bust. From the street I could hear a private party throwing down at Michael's Bistro, but the music selection resembled Molly Ringwald's greatest movie moments.

Regretfully, I stood on the street just to hear what they would play next. It was cold, and I was stunned in a time warp.

When I came to, I checked the time, date, and year on my cell phone. Ahh, back to '03, and just enough time to catch the opening set of Kimystry at Dürty Nelly's.

Kimystry is blues/rock/soul with attitude and class. I was immediately reminded of my search for dancing when the music started. It didn't take long for the folks watching to get out of their seats.

Kimystry played an impressive selection of covers that I could see being released as a compilation called Down Home Gritty (or something of that nature). My point is they were bad asses who knew how to keep the roots thick and the edge sharp.

The front-woman, Kim, sang every word intensely. It seemed as if she could have been raised in the church, but this night Dürty Nelly's was her temple. I remember how people used to dance in my Baptist church when I was young. Gospel is powerful; when mixed with the blues it can move just about anyone to dance. I wanted to stay all night, but I also wanted to give the Corner another chance.

I ended up at Jaberwoke because the name of the band playing was Tragic Thieves. Kind of catchy. Tragic Thieves is a side project of the group Ki:Theory...the unplugged cover side project to be exact. While not the kind of music to inspire dancing, nonetheless inspirational playing.

The Tragic Thieves trio of two acoustic guitars and drums laid down mellow mood music for the rest of my evening. They are talented, without a doubt so talented that they even got two girls dancing to a near beatless tune.

Great music, people, dancing– mission accomplished.