Don't fear the Clear

Sure, control of six radio stations here is crazy. [News, March 13: "MIXed message: Will FCC 'clear' WUMX sale?"] (

Who else is going to do much with them? If some big company wants a Super Wal-Mart of stations with its departments of formats, so what?

It Clear Channel is America's answer to radio, we don't have to listen to them. Let them have their low Arbitron ratings and their national morning personalities. The public will choose the better stations– the stations with real local talent, proven news coverage, and a real interest in our community. The same way we read papers such as yours. Keep up the reporting.

Clear Channel tends to bring the same interest in me as Michael Jackson's face and Neverland. It's fun to relax and get some kicks hearing about it, but it really isn't that important.

I don't think the creative media need to worry about Clear Channel's goals of power, as every station they gain a foothold on just dilutes their signal to me and many of us.