J. Clay and Mina S. Ford to Richard J. Brewer Jr. and Rhonda E. Quagliana, 117 Westwood Circle, $148,000.


 Charles S. and Carolyn C. Martin to Neighborhood Investors LLC, parcel in Longwood Park subdivision, $125,000.


Ralph E. Main Jr. to Church Hill Development Co. LLC, 1224 Monticello Road, $320,000.

Erik D. and Angela C. Thomasson to Angela C. Thomasson, 2308 Tarleton Drive, no price given.

Dennis D. and Deborah M. Keener to Amos W. Gilkey, 306 12th Street NE, $217,000.

Donna L. Martin to Teresa L. Herndon and Charles L. and Lindsay H. Kidd, 718 Montrose Avenue, $117,000.


Martin D. Howell to Neighborhood Investors LLC, parcel in Longwood Park subdivision, $130,000.


Exchange Center LLC to 201 W. Main St. LLC, 201-203 and 205-207 W. Main Street, $846,800.

Jeannie C. Brown and Michael D. Stoneking to Wendy F. Cohn, 208 Sixth St. NW, $239,000.


Marjorie J. Ragland to Richard P. Bell IV and V. Parker-Bell to William C. and Susan L. Couch, 1220 River Vista Avenue, $168,900.

Roopnarine Persuad and Joan D. Hockman to Barbara B. Rickards, 1732 Concord Drive, $225,000.

Loren K. Nelson to Brian D. Temples and Meredith E. Fischer, 518 Moseley Drive, $173,900.

Michael Lane to Ethel M. Gibson and Sandra G. Gelletty, 110 Millford Terrace, $116,900.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to William Epstein and Sheena Rogers, 1820 Dairy Road, $645,000.

Michael and Tommy Harmon to Jason C. Pearson and Catarina A. Zancic, 829 Nalle Street, $159,900.

Michael W. and Alice J. Kelly to Carla B. and Lewis D. Martin III, 923 Marshall Street, $340,000.

Rae Development Corp. to Steven M. and Julie P. Marazita, 107 Kelsey Court, $319,000.

Richard K. Holoway to Brant R. and Erica F. Fulmer, 1619 Greenleaf Lane, $246,900.

Richard C. and Kathryn L. Collins to David L. Tyler, 1005 Holmes Avenue, $145,000.

Thomas S. M. Brannock, Trustee, to Michael W. and Patricia V. Kristoff, 1890 Westview Road, $360,000.

William K. Yancey to Clay and Nicole Properties Inc., 3222 Garland Lane, $125,000.


Eugene J. and Charlotte C. Baker to Corven Flynn Jr., Trustee, 1205 Holmes Avenue, $110,000.

Winfrey T. Wade, Trustee, to Suzanne E. Rebich, 1309 Cherry Avenue, $155,700.

T.E. Wood to Rivanna Collaborative LLC, parcel on Riverside Avenue, $150,000.

Larry C. and Sheilah D. Gibson to T. E. Henry, 425 Fairway Avenue, $120,000.

Peter E. Dickinson to Trio Properties LLC, 311 Valley Road Ext., $78,000.

Tarah S. Grant to Anthony M. and Patricia M. LaBua, unit in Arlington Court condominiums, $85,000.


R. L. Beyer Construction Inc. to Richard K. Holoway and Janet R. Horne, 106 Kelsey Court, $319,152.


Dale Ludwig to Community Service Housing Inc., six lots in Pine Street Townhouses I and two lots in Pine Street Townhouses II, $160,000.

Franklin Norris Jr. to Frances C. Mellon, 1142 Locust Avenue, $139,000.

Christopher Javor to Donnie R. McDaniel, 1.415 sq. ft. at Franklin and Mason streets, $3,000.

Donnie R. McDaniel to Edward D. Ryan, 297 sq. ft. at Franklin and Mason streets, $100.

Henry S. Martin Jr. to Ryan S. Martin, 1161 Rose Hill Drive, $200,000.

Harold A. and Kum H. Butler to Ursula G. and William U. Light III, 1426 Grove Road, $315,000.


MCO Virginia Homes Inc. to Karen E. Firehock, 311 Fifth Street SW, $179,000.


Todd and Heather Hite to George A. and Deloris Johnson, 1020 Glendale Road, $178,000.

George and Deloris Johnson to Tracey A. and Andrea H. Kraft, 222 Old Lynchburg Road, $140,000.


Bank of New York, Trustee, to Theodore J. Corcoran and Elizabeth A. Sargent, 624 Hinton Avenue, $104,185.

Richard Alland to Ian Pallini, unit in Wertland Commons condominiums, $82,500.

Grace D. Riggs and I. J. Farmer Jr., Trustees, to Ian P. Pallini, two units in Wertland Commons condominiums, $153,333.

C. F. Moore, et al., Trustees, to Franklin A. VanBeuren, 2.582 acres at 400 Harris Road, $395,000.


Harold R. Dempsey to Timothy J. and Karen C. Flynn, 2011 Greenbrier Drive, $196,500.

Nancy Hopkins to Zachary M. and Genevieve S. Sanger, 611 Moseley Drive, $170,000.

Deal of the Week:


Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to William Epstein and Sheena Rogers, 1820 Dairy Road, $645,000.