Lots of men like kids

I simply have to comment on Phoebe Weiskopf's answer to your "Question of the Week" about the much loved Mr. Rogers [March 6] (http://www.readthehook.com/93153/question-week-what-did-you-think-mr-rogers), and her statement that "It's unnatural for a man to have that much interest in children's affairs."

How about the wonderful fathers today who take over many duties connected with raising children, sometimes even to the extent of being "stay at home Dads"? They give bottles and change diapers just as willingly as their wives who may be at work. How about those who make numerous arrangements in order to attend a child's sporting event and go to school for parent conferences?

And how about the small children who have no one to show them love and attention at home? Their baby-sitter is often TV with its violence and wrenching personal stories. Both parents often have jobs and don't have time or energy to give the support young children need.

One mother told me that her child said to her as she watched Mr. Rogers, "He's my friend."

And how about pediatricians and psychiatrists who devote their careers to working with children? There are good and kind men out there who are doing what is natural, helping to care for their young, and they are not one bit less masculine.

I hope Ms. Weiskopf meets one some day.

Naomi Wallace