Festive affair: Guests party down at Farmington fundraiser

Guests braved the torrential downpour on Friday, February 21, to attend the Children's Ball at Farmington. In get-ups ranging from zootsuits to ballgowns, they sipped cocktails, dined on gourmet delights, and tripped the light fantastic, all to benefit the Sarah Du Bose Fund.

It was nice to see such elegance. Chandeliers twinkled above festive tables. Diamonds sparkled, bowties were knotted just so, and for one night, guests escaped into a fairyland. That this beautiful event was raising money for a worthwhile cause was the icing on the evening's cake.

The Sarah Du Bose Fund benefits the Children's Medical Center at the UVA Health Sciences Center. Currently the fund is raising money to renovate the Newborn Intensive Care Unit.