Melanie Leight to Christopher D. Gulla, 817 Gilliams Mountain Road, Peacock Hill, $229,500.

Christine M. Lindamood and Douglas A. Loria to T. Kelly Ceppa and J. B. Crocker, 294 Albert Court, Camelia Gardens, $105,000.

Lisa S. Gielow to Procoro E. Cruz, 295 Albert Court, Camelia Gardens, $117,000.

Duane Ramm to Melvin L. and Judy K. Love, 1032 Greenwood Road, Crozet, $105,000.

W. A. Pace Jr. to David H. and Beverly J. Edmunds, parcel in Rivanna Village, Glenmore, $210,000.

Earline B. Wyant to James O. Wyant, 3.2506 acres at 5340 Break Heart Road, Crozet, gift.

Donna R. Alexandrowicz, Trustee, to Southern Aire LLC, 15.4 acres on State Route 660, gift.

Karen Ann Hirsch to Sean E. and Karen H. O'Rourke, 1601 Sagewood Drive, Mill Creek, $185,000.

Gholamreza and Gita Karimianpour to Reza and Fatemeh Karimi, 1506 Still Meadow Cove, Still Meadow, gift.

A.M. Nichols, Trustee, to W. Gibson Wendell Inc., lot in Fontana, $73,000.

Gail M. McGory to David W. Tomlin and Terri S. McDaniel, 280 Newtown Road, Greenwood, $190,000.


 M. Gabrielle Hall to Kwanghee Han, 2040 Leyland Drive, Springridge, Forest Lakes, $281,950.

Robert T. and Christine Lemond to Karen A. Morrow, 3238 Gateway Circle, $176,900.

Jeffrey L. and Tina K. Hatley to Joshua J. and Jenelle L. Smith, 923 Stonehenge Road, $130,000.

Curtis H. and Brenda D. Hathaway to Jack C. and Marilyn C. Setzer, 1141 Marion Drive, Ednam Forest, $749,000.

James S. and Brenda J. Jablonski to Lisa K. Toler, 7002 Monroe Court, $227,000.

Dan J. Catalano to Rita K. Schwartz, 974 Sutton Court, Stonehenge, $120,000.

Frances P. Gibson to Nancy B. Savarie, 16.07 acres off State Route 671 near Buck Mountain Creek, $100,000.

Hunter E. Craig Co. to Contracting Services Inc., lot in Mill Creek, $55,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Elizabeth M. Cranmer, 1334 Stonegate Court, Stonegate at Western Ridge, $301,378.

Stephen Landis to Jennifer L. Cox, 1642 Garden Court, $143,500.

Francesca V. Langbaum to John D. Canoles and Darlene M. Freeman, 51.008 acres on State Route 641, 2136 Frays Mill Road, $350,000.

Richard J. Hallowell and Martha A. Carjay to Donald A. and Jan G. Tartoni, 1614 Merano Lane, $349,500.

Aaron F. Harris to Thomas A. Balmer III, 130 Tintern Court, Birnam Wood, $82,500.


Corner Stone Land Trust to Blue Ridge Homecrafters Inc., 2.300 acres on State Route 637, $82,500.

VanDerLinde Housing Inc. to Brian A. Nosek and Bethany Ann Teachman, 2857 Stratford Glen Way, Forest Lakes, $413,074.

Amos C. and Vicki P. Fewell to Eugene M. and Beatrice M. Powell, 2.9 acres at 4616 Monocan Trail Road, North Garden, $70,000.

Hunter E. Craig Co. to Denise F. Jackson, 1558 Broad Crossing, Mill Creek, $55,000.

Jeffrey D. and Esther R. Hansen to James and Kimberly Swihart, 2883 Stratford Way, Forest Lakes, $369,500.

Angela D. and Charles Beverage Jr. to Ryder Enterprises General P/S, 2305 Richmond Road, Hunter's Hall, $950,000.

Ronald B. and Rita A. Evans to James S. and Brenda J. Jablonski, 1785 Old Brook Road, Fallbrook, $210,000.

Thomas P. Whitten Jr. to Robert J. and Anne K. Caughey, 125 Spring Mountain Road, Mill Creek, $170,000.


Salvatore T. and Alexis W. Profaci to Michael L. Keens, 1315 Wimbledon Way, RiverRun, $209,000.

Creighton M. Hoover to Steven L. Landis, 4101 Chewacla Court, Earlysville Forest, $215,000.

Timothy B. and Roberta J. Whitehurst to Roberta J. Whitehurst, .730 acre in Greenwood, gift.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to M. Gabrielle Hall, 2008 Leyland Drive, Forest Lakes, $239,950.

Weston Development Company LC to James F. and Michael H. Huggett, 4415 Redwood Lane, Walnut Hills, $560,000.

Hunter E. Craig Co. to William M. and Kim Brown, 329 Copper Hill Drive, Mill Creek, $50,000.

Rogerio G. and Margarida M. Rodrigues to Cendant Mobility Financial Corp., 100 Hawthorne Lane, Ashcroft, $317,500.

Cendant Mobility Financial Corp. to Tom Herrick and Kimberly Wilkens, 100 Hawthorne Lane, Ashcroft, $317,500.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $85,757.

Linda L. Moore, Trustee, to Richard M. and Sandra D. Reid, lot in Red Hill Meadows, $74,000.

Earl H. Burton, Trustee, to Barry Meade Homes LLC, lot in Deerwood, $48,000.

Wade Apartments LLC to CLB Properties of Albemarle LLC, 90 Whitewood Road, Suite 4, Sachem Village, $95,700.

Thomas M. R. Mayo II to Lily A. Amiri, .88 acre at State Route 742, 1945 Avon Street Ext., $137,000.

William J. and Julia Fudala, Trustees, to Steven C. and Neta V. Davis, 555 Stonefield Circle, Earlysville, $230,000.

Yolanda H. Fry and Jeffrey Williams to Marina C. Schladitz, 1641 Milton Road, Auburn Hills, $180,000.

Happy Valley LLC to Weston Development Company LC, lot in Walnut Hills, $110,250.

James W. Faulconer Jr., Trustee, to Patricia M. Kluge, 162.8285 acres on State Routes 627 & 727, gift.

Patricia M. Kluge to House & Garden LLC, 162.8285 acres on State Routes 627 & 727, gift.

PDR Properties LLC to House & Garden LLC, 94.26 acres, gift.


Mary M. Lane to Charlottesville Albemarle Airport Authority, .01 acre at 3165 Earlysville Road, gift.

Paula G. and Robert E. Frazier St. to Charlottesville Albemarle Airport Authority, .07 acre at 3185 Earlysville Road, gift.

Redfields Development Corp. to Craig Enterprises Inc., lot in Redfields, $46,000.

American Senior Housing LC to Pantops Place Limited P/S, 3.8517 acres in Rivanna Magisterial District, $981,800.

Phillip A. and Ann W. Parrish to Weather Hill Homes Ltd., 1.5 acres in Flordon, $181,000.

Martha Derasmo and Robert G. Rosenberg to Gerald H. and Katherine J. Collins, 7.0 acres at 3436 Peyton Ridge Road, Turner's Mountain, $600,000.

Woodbriar Associates Ltd. to Shirley A. Perry, 4750 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $172,675.

Walter M. Collins to Michelle R. Dudley, 7.55 acres at 2281 Dudley Mountain Road, North Garden, $130,000.

Marion L. Sams to June W. and John B. Seay Jr., 6.815 acres at 2977 Hardware Road, Scottsville, $25,000.

Dan O. Bauer to Nancy B. Bauer, 2.80 acres in Free Union, gift.

M. Gabrielle Hall to Jeanne B. Clevenger, 2008 Leyland Drive, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $259,500.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to George W. Hubbard, 3179 Turnberry Circle, Forest Lakes, $174,950.

David G. and Tracy D. Aglio to Suzanne E. Morris, 2368 Austin Drive, Briarwood, $127,000.


Paul E. Howard Jr. and Kelly Ann Robins to Peter J. and Margaret E. Schmidt, 410 Westmoreland Court, $230,000.

John R. Freeman and Jennifer White to Patrick J. and Jane L. Belisle, 1273 Timberbranch Court, Mill Creek, $200,000.

Thomas A. Balmer III to Jann T. Balmer, 511 Eastbrook Drive, Woodbrook, pursuant to separation agreement.

Samuel I. White, Trustee, to Stephen J. Canterbury, 1704 Lindsay Road, $40,500.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Pavel Zemliansky, 959 Pintail Lane, Redfields, $229,307.

Randall L. Wyatt to John R. Freeman, 1549 Reynovia Drive, Lake Reynovia, $259,000.

Sylvia Scott to James T. Marshall Jr., 3.5 acres at 2525 Rio Mills Road, Earlysville, $60,000.

Kemper A. Maupin to Jeffrey C. and Janet L. Moscicki, 2.01 acre at 2950 Free Union Road, gift.

Woodbriar Associates Ltd. to Abigail L. Sipe, 4753 Bluejay Way, Briarwood, $167,750.

Elsie M. Adkins to David Hazelwood, 1118 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechums River, gift.

Louis E. Berkowitz to Joseph T. Jenkins, 2.017 acres at 221 Montvue Drive, Franklin, $302,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Hoopes Houses LLC, 3202 Turnberry Circle, Springridge, Forest Lakes, $236,950.

Hoopes Houses LLC to Maleah Z. Bauer, 3202 Turnberry Circle, Springridge at Forest Lakes, $251,950.

John R. Olson to Thomas C. Hammond, 1298 Clifden Green, RiverRun, $129,000.

Gary L. Clark to Blanche R. McWane, 1028 Highlands Drive, Highlands at Mechums River, $135,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Catherine J. Rotolo, 1344 Stonegate Court, Western Ridge, $348,082.

Thomas Brumfield Jr. to Robert Child, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $92,500.

Sophia L. Yu to Clyde Pax, 325 Key West Drive, Key West, $240,000.

Thomas A. Peck to Peter Barnes, 3278 Avebury Lane, Glenmore, $450,000.


HDA Corp. to John H. Geffken Jr., 123 Sundrops Court, Lake Reynovia, $156,900.

Crescent Development Corp. to VanDerLinde Housing Inc., parcel in Still Meadow, $355,000.

Barclay Development Corp. to Weather Hill Homes Ltd., parcel in Wayland's Grant, $722,500.

William L. and Sharon M. Hodson to Andrea Gibson, 797 Gilliams Mountain Road, Peacock Hill, $365,000.

Glasser and Glasser, Trustees, to Household Realty Corp. Parcel in Camelot, $110,000.

Joseph W. Smith Sr. to Mary L. Smith, 1.696 acres on State Route 795, $80,000.

Tracey L. Corey to Arthur M. Feiner, 1665 Stoney Creek Drive, Mill Creek, $125,000.


Microaire Holding Co. LLC to Sixteen Forty One Edlich Realty Corp., 1641 Edlich Drive, $5,458,454.

Randy S. Gevry to Michael P. Gevry, 126 Woodlake Drive, Four Seasons, $95,000.

Branch Banking and Trust Co. to Southern Financial Bank, parcel on State Route 250 West, $700,000.

Wesley D. Sturgill to Donald Churms Jr., two units in Solomon Court condominiums, $118,000.

Sallie Mae Washington to Frank M. Churillo, 995 Warwick Court, Stonehenge, $126,500.

Deal of the Week


James W. Faulconer Jr., Trustee, to Patricia M. Kluge, 162.8285 acres on State Routes 627 & 727, gift.

Patricia M. Kluge to House & Garden LLC, 162.8285 acres on State Routes 627 & 727, gift.