Roger T. and Helen H. Breeden to John Marshall Loy and Alaina I. Schroeder, parcel on Blenheim Avenue, $146,000.

Doris Lockley to Christina Jackson, 110 Danbury Court, $114,000.


 Daniel L. Garner and Debra L. Hildebrand to Sarah Henninger, 119 Monte Vista Avenue, $164,500.



VanDerLinde Housing Inc. to Subhash V. and Urvashi S. Desai, 2871 Stratford Glen Way, Forest Lakes South, $339,950.

Michael T. and Janice T. Zagardo to Daniel J. and Sandra Paymar, 1125 Raintree Drive, $244,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to David G. Lane, 346 Grayrock Drive, $293,975.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Ralph A. and Josephine Mancini, 2491 Wiltshire Close, Glenmore, $737,625.

Lawrence and Patricia C. Barnett to Jerome A. Ix, 19 Ednam Village, $425,000.

J. Lee and Constance A. Jones to Virginia Mason and David H. Graham Jr., 3359 Marsden Point, Glenmore, $500,000.

Rivanna Lane and Development LLC to David N. and Gayle V. Kunkel, 3244 Heathcote Lane, Glenmore, $729,000.

Michael W. Henderson and Sean Castorina to Peter G. Hill, 2445 Whitney Court, Briarwood, $109,700.


Brent L. Christensen to Willie Mae McCluney, 508 Woodmont Drive, Rio Heights, $175,000.

Donald W. Trett to Jane W. Hunt, unit in Turtle Creek Condominiums, $96,000.

Richard A. Park to Jane R. Goodman, 107 Woodstock Drive, Hessian Hills, $252,350.


Sam Enterprises LLC to James B. Spence III, Trustee, lot in Cory Farm, $59,000.

Charles W. Hurt, Trustee, to Church Hill Development Company, 40 acres at "Toco Hill" near North Garden, $265,000.

Angela G. Sherman to Charles A. and Betty Jo McDonald, 315 Glade Lane, $120,400.

Willie Mae McCluney to Frances Wohlfelder, 48 Woodlake Drive, Four Seasons, $94,800.

M. Jeffery and Mary R. Coppola to Richard and Amelia Black, 1386 Tattersall Court, Glenmore, $477,000.

Veronica E. Michaelsen and Corey L. Cleland to Veronica E. Michaelsen, 2055 Avalon Way, Emerald Ridge subdivision, Crozet, pursuant to separation agreement.

Edward C. and Stephanie L. Suhler to James R. Cook Jr., 3.39 acres in Westview, $85,000.


Meta T. Chisholm to Katharine C. Almy, two lots in Foxwood subdivision on State Route 640, gift.

Meta T. Chisholm to Bartlett T. Chisholm, two lots in Foxwood subdivision on State Route 640, gift.

Meta T. Chisholm to William H. Chisholm Jr., two lots in Foxwood subdivision on State Route 640, gift.

Meta T. Chisholm to Foxwood Forest LLC, four lots in Foxwood subdivision on State Route 640, gift.

Woodbriar Associates Ltd. to Anthony J. Arcuri, 4778 Blue Jay Way, Briarwood, $183,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to John M. Kelley, Trustee, 1184 Redfields Road, $282,838.

Ellen A. Holt to Buckingham Homes Inc., 12.235 acres on State Route 726, $21,400.

Southland Homes Inc. to Lesco Inc., 1135 SomerChase Court, Hollymead Townhomes, $153,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Thomas L. and Gloria B. Ramsey, 1350 Stonegate Way, Crozet, $229,143.


Roy Birckhead to Beatrice H. Armstrong and Arleen H. Midkiff, 115 St. Ives Road, Camelot, $119,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to Donald E. Sours, 1537 Bremerton Lane, gift.

Cinda L. and Howard H. Hoege III to Lynne D. Coleman and Gary Kemp, 200 Larkspur Way, Lake Reynovia, $217,400.

University of Virginia Health Systems to Rose S. and Charles E. Myers, 1140 Buck Mountain Road, Earlysville, $450,000.

Howard W. Allen to Barbara P. Jackson, 130 Wakefield Court, Wakefield, gift.

Lewis C. Johnson to Alzellia C. Hughes, 2.549 acres on State Route 717, Scottsville, gift.

Elaine J. Carter to Alzellia C. Hughes, 2.549 acres on State Route 717, Scottsville, gift.

Fred M. Trainor and Melissa M. Russell to Martin B. and Karen D. Cohen, 21 acres at 3291 Blandemar Drive, Blandemar Farm Estates, $1,400,000.

Cecil R. and Carolyn C. Lynch to Arthur M. and Brenda D. Growden, 2.0 acres on the west side of State Route 615.

Virginia S. Hicks to L.C. Veliky, 8.25 acres near Alberene Soapstone Company, $16,500.

Thomas F. and Judith M. Meade to William E. and Pamela D. Schoppee, 1062 Amber Ridge Road, Highlands at Mechums River, $206,000.

Kim L. and Frank R. Hale III to Prudential Residential Services, 304 Westfield Road, Wynridge, $169,900.

Prudential Residential Services to Charlotte S. and Paul A. Wellen, 304 Westfield Road, Wynridge, $169,900.

Barry Meade Homes LLC to Paul I., Deborah, and Nicole Merchain, 472 Rolling Valley Court, Foxcroft, $262,950.

Patricia G. Reyes et al., to Richard L. Ovenshire and Sarah A. Dollard, 1.0304 acres at 5930 Covesville Store Road, $204,000.


Clifford D. and Carolinda Brooks to Grayson C. McNeely, 25 acres at 169 Wilhoit Mill Road, Dyke, $700,000.

Patrick E. and Ann K. Hanrahan to William R. Cogswell and Rachel Dillon-Cogswell, 511 Westmoreland Court, $255,000.

Lillian I. Byrd to Traditional Homes of Albemarle, 2.009 acres on State Route 616, $20,000.

Ronald L. Martin, Trustee, to John J. and Alice Tini, 110 Tintern Court, Birnam Wood, $147,000.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., parcel in Springridge, Forest Lakes, $70,000.

Grayrock LLC to Craig Enterprises Inc., two parcels in Grayrock, $107,000.

C. Todd and Melissa A. Asbury to Hupman Farms Inc., parcel in Willow Lake, $175,000.

John R. Morris III to Megan J. Childers, 636 Crumpet Court, Stonehenge, $124,250.

William T. and Allison R. Dod to Angela G. Sherman, 1775 Easy Lane, Hollymead, $181,000.

Glenn J. Parson II to Michael E. and Mary Layman, 3.32 acres at 4090 Bleak House Road, Ravens Ridge, Earlysville, $497,500.

M. Gabrielle Hall to Sara A. Brown, 116 Bollingbrook Drive, Key West, $235,000.


George B. Cleveland to Elizabeth A. and Matthew L. Drake, 1.5 acres at 146 James River Road, Scottsville, $199,000.

Mark H. and Melissa M. Cada to John P. and Christine E. black, 2100 Wisteria Drive, North Pines, $255,000.

Charles A. and Frances S. Beasley to Doris C. Russell, 3235 Prestwick Place, Glenmore, $582,000.

R. Rives and Carey F. Bailey to Jingzhen Deng and Huilan Li, 2476 Indian Laurel Road, Forest Lakes South, $257,000.

James B. Spence III, Trustee, to Juanita Rudolph, 5301 Little Fox Lane, Cory Farm, $225,000.

Steven R. and Emily J. Arispe to Sebastien Mangard and Vanessa King-Mangard, 1561 Cool Spring Road, Townwood, $132,000.

Donna D. and Thomas L. Brumfield Jr. to Steven R. and Mary A. Dictenberg, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $88,000.

Robert C. and Janine H. Brugh to Jeffrey L. Bonacci, 2402 Bennington Road, Canterbury Hills, $305,000.

Carroll T. Fugitt to Eunie P. and Frank J. Hoover Jr., 1116 River Oaks Lane, Dunlora, $310,000.

Thomas M. and Mary C. James to Jeffrey L. and Kim A. Sandridge, 1441 Birchwood Drive, Laurel Hills, $180,000.

Samuel and Sandra E. Rivkin to Gertner LLC, 5.81 acres at 862 Campbell Road, Keswick, $227,000.


William A. and Joyce A. Munt to Ian Harrison and Michelle Martel, 4974 Lake Tree Lane, Western Ridge, $347,500.

Margaret P. Manley to John W. and George D. Manley, 2.0 acres on State Route 20, 30335 Scottsville Road, $103,150.

Lyn P. Deane-Harris to James L. and Rebecca G. Wilson, 2.750 acres in Southern Hills subdivision, $77,000.

John Alden English and Erin Vaughan to Mark Kringlen, 1551 Primrose Lane, Lake Reynovia, $160,000.

Forest Lakes Associates to R.D. Wade Builder Inc., two parcels in Springridge in Forest Lakes, $283,500.

Mark H. and Paula M. Stoler to John C. Francis and Karen Elizabeth Yaeger, 430 Peacock Drive, Peacock Hill, $395,000.

Larry R. and Athey C. Peters Jr., et al., to Larry R. Peters, 1.29 acres on State Route 795, $95,000.

Athey C. Peters Jr. et al. to Jo Ann P. Hammer, 3.5 acres on State Route 795, $140,000.

Athey C. Peters Jr. to Jo Ann P. Hammer, 1.16 acres on State Route 795, $25,000.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to Bernard and Sarah P. Grozbean, Trustees, 1310 Stonegate Court, Crozet, $259,981.


Doris M. Stovall to Anna L. Schaberg, l/8 interest in 7.670 acres at 6560 Rockfish Gap Turnpike, $13,500.

Carol Georgis to Anna L. Schaberg, l/8 interest in 7.670 acres in White Hall district, $13,500.

John M. Crafaik Jr. to Richard G. Davis, 2806 Northfield Road, $285,000.

Haas Associates Ltd. to John A. and Victoria Suzanne Haas, 1255 Inglecress, $350,000.

JaZan LLC to Christopher K. Woods, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $85,000.

Brenda B. Clark to Melvin G. Clark, 150 Scarborough Place, Sherwood Manor, $85,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Kent L. and Dorothy Fixman, Trustees, 3347 Turnberry Circle, Springridge, Forest Lakes, $245,950.

Robert E. Batten and Donna M. Snow Batten to Stacey Batten, 2.51 acres at 6465 Markwood Road, Earlysville, gift.

Roslyn Ridge LC to James A. Winkey and James B. Nelson, Trustees of Albemarle Baptist Church, 6.26 acres at the corner of State Route 1390 and Hydraulic Road, $180,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to M. Gabrielle Hall, parcel on Leyland Drive, Springridge, Forest Lakes, $261,950.

John A. and Evelyn E. Thornton to Ronald L. and Elizabeth C. Burgess, 447 Newtown Road, Greenwood, $181,000.

Ralph and Mirela Bloch to Beverley N. and Suzanne F. Nash, 4040 Fairway Drive, Keswick Estates, $700,000.

Daniel A. and Margaret J. Culver to Charles A. and Donna M. Carey, 116 Georgetown Green, $146,000.

Kelvin J. and Susan M. Hammond to Robert C. and Janine H. Brugh, 3.354 acres at 3330 Coleman Drive, Waverly, $415,000.

Guaranty Bank to Lee J. and Helena M. Brady, 1700 Seminole Trail, $1,425,000.

Pauline Prevost to Francine Davey, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $96,000.

Southern Property LLC to Cathy C. Perry, 1257 Chatham Ridge Road, Chatham Wood, $254,500.

Kathreen A. Memory to Peter D. and Nancy D. Waldman, 1.729 acres at 1634 Owensville Road, $350,000.

Scott A. Coonrod to Susan A. Streaker, 14.022 acres at 2098 Harrington Road, Gordonsville, $235,000.

Sherri S. Armstrong and Lee Gormes to Timothy M. and Carey M. Hare, 108 Deerwood Road, $160,000.


Hunt Country Properties LLC to David and Christine Sockolof, 1330 RiverChase Lane, Dunlora, $319,000.

Professional Foreclosure Corporation to Federal National Mortgage Associations, 5.084 acres at 460 Rocky Hollow Road, State Route 769, $180,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Richard S. and Judith R. Hildebrand, 1106 Rustic Willow Lane, Willow Bend, Forest Lakes South, $232,950.

John G. Desmond, Trustee, to John E. and Judith A. Putalik, 2220 Shepherd's Ridge Road, Rivercrest, Dunlora, $264,950.

Kathy M. Wallace to Lisa M. Kelley, 112 Sundrops Court, Lake Reynovia, $173,900.

Charles W. Hurt and Shirley Fisher, Trustees, to R.W. Mawyer, Inc., parcel in Tanager Woods, $115,000.

Piedmont Charlottesville LLC to Fairfield Classic Homes Inc., 21.0751 acres at 99 Bloomfield Road, $550,000.

Piedmont Charlottesville LLC to Melton C. McGuire, 147.050 acres at 99 Bloomfield Road, gift.

Melton C. McGuire to Verulam Farm Conservation Group, parcel on State Route 637, 99 Bloomfield Road, gift.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to William J. and Julia J. Fudala, Trustees, 1271 Courtyard Drive, Redfields, $265,593.

Southland Property LLC to Rosemary Gould and Peter S. Baker, 1259 Chatham Ridge, Chatham Woods, $261,500.

Enterprise Holdings Inc. to Greater Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity, six lots just north of Lake Albemarle near White Hall, gift.

Jerry L. and Dianne C. Ratcliffe to Jonathan and Megan Kauffmann, 400 Minor Ridge Road, Wynridge, $149,000.

Ian and Shannon Hardington to James P. and Rebecca T. Craig, 522.76 acres on State Route 640, $2,750,000.

Robert W. and Joyce A. Woodward to William C. Gentry and Dickey Davis, 5.50 acres at 2186 Davis Shop Road, Earlysville, $283,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to Rinehart Construction Ltd., lot in Glenmore, $170,000.

Michelle H. Hollis to Brian D. Chenault and Harry P. Perry, 78 Oak Forest Circle, $177,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Stanley J. and JoAnn M. Feminella, 3925 Creekview Place, Walnut Hills, $585,000.

Forest Lakes Associates to R.D. Wade Builder Inc., two lots in Springridge, Forest Lakes, $153,000.

Greater Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity to Mark J. and Clara D. Maxey, 3049 Simpson Lane, Porter's Village, Esmont, $83,000.

Jason K. Pollock to Georgia Ann Gayhart, 42 acres on State Route 636, $360,000.

Kostich Construction Inc. to Marie L. G. Birmingham, 1071 Olympia Drive, Fontana, $309,500.

Brasco Bay Corporation to Seven Oaks Farm LLC, 89.537 acres, $525,000.


Robert A. and Suzanne Murray to Eleanore F. Walker, et al., Trustees, 1608 Pepperidge Lane, Pepperidge Forest, Forest Lakes South, $244,100.

Eleanore F. Walker et al., Trustees, to Jacques A. Meert and Dorothy J. Dunsire, 1608 Pepperidge Lane, Pepperidge Forest, Forest Lakes South, $309,000.

Blackwood Partners LLC to J. David and Graham C. Basto, 13.75 acres at 7867 Pony Express Lane, Greenwood, $820,000.

Margaret L. Hulvey to J. Thomas and Elizabeth K. Hulvey, 1275 Fox Crest Drive, $170,000.

A.M. Nichols, Trustee, to Southland Homes Inc., lot in Fontana, $73,500.

David H. Metcalf and P. Gail South to Charles B. Berry, Trustee, 8.02 acres at 2325 Rocky Top Drive, $285,000.

Forest Lakes Associates to Robert Hauser Homes Inc., lot in Willow Bend, Forest Lakes, $85,216.

Earl H. Burton, Trustee, to Barry Meade Homes LLC, two lots in Deerwood Village, $96,000.

Andreas and Despina K. Miliotis to Donald and Mary Ann DeLuce, 5.18 acres in Rivanna District, $80,000.

Medallion Enterprises LLC to Christopher A. and Tiffany R. Shifflett, 6075 Laura Lane, Wayland's Grant, $272,000.


Richard F. and Carol T. Edlich, Trustees, to Lawrence Bender, 16.55 acres at 4429 Watts Passage, $485,000.


Route 240 LLC to Route 240 Holdings LLC, 9.85 acres in Crozet (ConAgra property), gift.

Joseph W. and Joyce C. Smith to Marie H. and Quinton L. Phillips, 7.662 acres on State Route 735, Schuyler, $25,500.

Draper and Goldberg PLLC to Michael G. Shifflett, 4.8753 acres on State Route 673, $91,000.

JaZan LLC to S. Gordon and Stuart G. Fears III, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $94,500.

Steven W. Silver to Zane E. and Sally M. Jones, 1420 Piper Way, Glenmore, $737,000.

Dorothy W. Austin to Veliky LLC, 4.036 acres in Arbor Park, Earlysville, $160,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Hunt Country Properties LLC, lot in Springridge, $229,950.

Gaffney Homes LLC to James E. Caton and Margaret A. Boyd, parcel in Walnut Hills, $620,000.


R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Stein Kristensen, 3181 Turnberry Circle, Springridge, Forest Lakes, $226,590.

Alice B. Hopwood to David L. Purcell, 280 Audobon Drive, Clearview Knolls subdivision, Earlysville, $75,000.

Nikolay S. and Ekaterina G. Deyanova to Albert and Sharon Kirby, 2246 Hummingbird Lane, Briarwood, $136,500.

Thomas Wetsel to Robert M. Hauser, Trustee, 1.250 acres on State Route 651, $95,000.

Jeffrey F. Buckalew to The Nature Conservancy, 124.511 acres near White Hall, gift.

Whitewood Village Associates to Albemarle Housing Associates, 3.054 acres, $4,390,000.

Sarah J. Garth to Garth Properties LLC, 2 acres at 1373 Garth Road, gift.

Sean E. O'Rourke to Jaywant P. Parmar Jr., 3421 Meadow Wood Lane, Crozet, $235,000.


Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to Douglas P. Murphy, 952 Fields of Boaz Drive, $767,087.

Joshua A. Goldschmidt to Andrew L. Wright, 3655 Taylor's Gate Drive, Taylor's Gate subdivision, $500,000.

Belvedere Station Land Trust to Janice S. Linkous, 2205 Shepherd's Ridge Road, Rivercrest in Dunlora, $333,850.

Lee J. Brady to Desiree A. Bagheri, 329 Shepherd's Ridge Circle, Rivercrest in Dunlora, $280,000.

Randall G. Welch to Stuart G. Fears, 3224 Gateway Circle, $173,500.

Big Fish LLC to Gary M. Nalls, 2539 Kimbrough Circle, Meriwether Hills, $270,000.

Albright E. Morris to Lynne D. Conboy, 4.25 acres at Millington, $100,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to M. Gabrielle Hall, parcel in Springridge, Forest Lakes, $261,950.

John A. Dezio, substitute trustee, to Seth D. and Melissa F. Cassaday, 2356 Proffit Road, $20,200.

Timothy A. Clark to Daniel Catalano, 970 Sutton Court, $125,500.



Brasco Bay Corporation to Seven Oaks Farm LLC, (Coran Capshaw), 89.537 acres in Whitehall district, $525,000.