Let's split hairs

Hi, my name is James Ralston, a member of Last Days of May, whose album "Inner System Blues" Amy Briggs recently reviewed (quite positively, and thanks!) [Prowl: "LDOM: Organic music with soul," February 6, 2003] (http://www.readthehook.com/93036/music-review-ldom-organic-music-soul).

Quick note about our personnel: calling me "percussionist" is not, strictly speaking, incorrect. However, since I play drum kit, and Leonard Wishart (incorrectly credited as keyboardist in your review) actually plays "percussion" in the more usual sense, it should probably be noted that I'm the drummer (good God, gimme some!) and Leonard Wishart is the percussionist.

Thanks again to Amy Briggs for listening, and apparently finding something there of useful sonic substance.

Jim Ralston