Corrections: Scottsville, Conestoga, and a house for sale

* In our January 9 cover story, "Scottsville: Flooded with Cash," an editing error botched a comment from Canal Basin Square project manager John Bowers. It's only the Square's brick and mortar– not the entire project that's "about 98 percent complete."

* In a January 16 news story on the Lewis & Clark hijinks, we somehow failed to notice that the covered vehicles properly known as Conestoga Wagons should not be called Calistoga Wagons. (While the former were the best pre-rail way to move heavy goods across the continent, the latter are probably best utilized for transporting bottled California mineral water.)

* Because of misinformation supplied by the agency, Karlona Woods was incorrectly listed in the January 16 issue as "Off the block." In fact, Karlona Woods is still for sale.