It's a trickle, not a flood

Thank you so much for your two recent articles about Scottsville. Charles Rainey's "River City" [Cover story, January 9, 2003] ( was very thoroughly and thoughtfully researched. I appreciate how much time and effort he took to provide a balanced reporting of our history, floods, levee construction, personalities, and current enhancement projects.

I want to emphasize, though, that the town is responsible for 20 percent of all project costs, which is why we continue to raise private money to offset future unforeseen expenses. We only wish we were "flooded with money"!

To clarify, the Scottsville Historic Streetscape Project isn't so much about "reinventing downtown," but rather about preserving a historic town for our residents as an attractive and safe place to live while encouraging economic development to help our businesses thrive.

The other article, in "The Dish," correctly laments the closing of Jimmy's but is wrong in calling Scottsville a "one restaurant town."

Look no farther than Charles's article to remember that the Dew Drop Inn, along with Laurel's, Lumpkin's, Memory Lane, High Meadows Inn, and Luv 'n Oven all continue to thrive, along with the carry-out choices of Swissway, James River Country Store, Goco, and Scoops (in the summer).

Thanks again for the coverage, and come back down anytime. (But please, Charles, don't drink and drive next time– enjoy the bars, but then stay the night and sleep it off.)

Steve Phipps
Mayor, Town of Scottsville