M.O. of a local predator

Geography: Except for one attack in Waynesboro in 1997, all others have been in Charlottesville or close to its borders (Ivy Gardens and Georgetown Green).

Time of day: Most attacks have taken place between midnight and 4am, although the recent assaults have occurred around 9am and 2-3pm. Police believe he's a nocturnal creature who's out hunting his targets from 10pm to 5am.

Type of victims: White women ranging in age from 19 to late 40s. No consistency in hair color or body type, according to police. Investigators are unsure whether the groping of an African-American woman at the Aquatics and Fitness Center is the act of the serial rapist.

Method of access: Unlocked doors and windows in most cases, including second- and third-story apartments, with two exceptions: the parking lot at Lambeth Field and in Greenleaf Park.

Signature line: Police won't reveal what type of sexually inappropriate remark the rapist is making, but this is likely to be followed by a punch in the face or a tackle.

Method of approach: The blitz attack– a quick blow to incapacitate his target.

Description: A black male around 6' and 200 pounds in his 20s-30s although victims have reported him being taller, shorter, and weighing less. Police believe the man is a stalker who watches and follows his victims, as opposed to the impulse rapist who attacks someone who's at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Successful escapes: The rapist has fled in some cases when women screamed or fought back. Rape counselors say that every case requires a different survival strategy, and that may include compliance.

Rape resource: The Sexual Assault Resource Agency– SARA– has a hotline at 977-7273.

Suspicious behavior: A man sitting alone in a car at 1am, or who seems to be following women, or who makes inappropriate remarks. Police believe his behavior strikes women as creepy and makes them feel uncomfortable.

Whom to call: Call 911 to report any suspicious behavior if it's happening right now. If someone or some incident seemed weird in the past, police want to know that, too. Call Crimestoppers at 977-4000 or Lt. J.W. Gibson at 970-3379.