James D. Woodfolk Jr. to Adriane D. Fowler, 805 Raymond Road, $149,900.

Kim Tran Dabney to Ken and Betty Jane Mori, 1108 King Street, $87,000.


 City of Charlottesville to Rector & Visitors of the University of Virginia, 2,027 sq. ft. on Monroe Lane, $5,000.

Della Younger to Betty T. Iwobi, 805 Forest Street, $30,000.

John H. and Mary Jane Meeks to Ken and Betty Jane Mori, 321 Monticello Road, $207,000.

Virginia Land Holdings LLC to Fifeville Associates LLC, 5.854 acres at Dice and 7-l/2 streets, no price given.



MD Development LLC to Sugar Mountain LLC, unit at 895 Rio East Court, $658,137.

William D. Melton to Janet D. Davis, parcel in Woodbrook subdivision, $199,500.

John C. and Kathleen T. Pedersen to Mary Jo Haught, 11 Spring Court, Four Seasons condominiums, $68,000.

Mark A. Mincer to Wayne W. and Elva R. Ferguson, 1045 Blackburn Bluff, $514,900.

Lenwood A. and Ida B. Johnson to William D. Melton, 553 Millstone Court, Brookmill condominiums, $144,500.

Hollis R. Stargell to Kenneth L. Klotz and Marcelle Morel, 25.707 acres on State Route 630, $81,000.

Andrew C. Sims and Vicky L. Miller to Howard B. and Mary Jean Craddock, 73 Court Place, Georgetown Court, $142,500.

Jen Shih Lee to Richard P. Palermo, 209 Greentree Park, $121,500.

Mary Ann and E. F. Wieboldt Jr. to Jon A. Marston, 3.880 acres at 5394 Wingspread Lane, North Garden, $100,000.

Jean L. Runnels to Harlan J. Brown, 973 Pintail Lane, Redfields, $200,000.

Richard A. and Beth C. Mutzabaugh to David G. and Rosemary B. Heflin, 1995 Heather Glen Road, Forest Lakes, $216,000.

Yvonne G. and John S. Watterson III to Suzanne P. and Byron Baur, Trustees, 1326 Pendleton Court, Dunlora, $399,900.

Mervel E. Runion to Robert C. Shepherd, 1279 Branchlands Drive, $185,500.

Catherine K. Stanley to Yuri B. Mekler, 3.11 acres at 2215 Fray Road, Ruckersville, $359,500.

Paraskevi Bezirianidis to Joseph Simon, 2423 Huntington Road, $229,000.

W. Courtney and Daphne N. Lowe to Stanislav and Noel G. Reisky de Dubnic, 2098 Owensville Road, $455,000.

Luciano Centini to Richard A. Mutzabaugh, 2995 Cove Trace, $322,000.


James P.P. Horn and Sarah C. Marshall to William D. and Anna C. Sas, 1256 Timberbranch Court, Four Mile Creek, $225,000.

George H. Gilliam, Trustee, to Bruce R. Barkley, 57.720 acres at Woodcreek, $385,000.

Mary Ann McReady, Trustee, to Kimberly C. Carneal, 2133 Craigs Store Road, Afton, $850,000.

Cheryl A. Taylor to Richard C. and Marquette L. Garrison, 2972 Proffit Road, $124,000.

WWW Electronics LLC to Commonwealth of Virginia DOT, parcel on State Route 649, $48,675.

Bruce Garwood, Trustee of Laurel Hill Baptist Church, to Commonwealth of Virginia DOT, parcel at 3595 Grand Forks Boulevard, $22,100.

Marta M. Keane to Wael M. El-Rifai, 3153 Saddlebrook Lane, Forest Lakes, $225,000.

Gary Peterson and Marc-Maria Boggiano to Stein E. Kretsinger, 5 Rockbrook Drive, $247,500.


Cherise M. Valencia and Colleen Blakley to Katherine c. Gay, 1244 Chatham Ridge Road, RiverRun, $129,500.

Anne Leigh M. and Michael R. Matthews Jr. to Michael J. Cordell, 1387 Gristmill Drive, Mill Creek, $200,000.

Alexander M. and Amy N. Toomy to William N. Toomy, 4.267 acres on Meriwether Lane, gift.

Forest Lakes Associates to R.D. Wade Builder Inc., two lots in Forest Lakes, $280,000.

Redfields Development Corporation to Craig Enterprises Inc., parcel in Redfields, $38,000.

Grayrock LLC to Craig Enterprises Inc., parcel in Grayrock, $67,000.


Justine K. Wolk to Cynthia Murray, one acre at 6554 Esmont Road, Keene, $96,000.

Kenneth L. and Anne M. Harrison to Bryan K. Jones and Vanessa L. Wyrick, 685 Ridgemont Road, Earlysville Heights, $199,000.

Donald M. and Janet G. Harper to Nicholas E. Munger, Trustee, 2225 Wakefield Road, $212,500.

Suzanne and Stephen J. O'Grady to Bryan and Leah Kuehne, 1070 Still Meadows Crossing, $331,000.

Steven S. and Maria C. Sapin to Jeffrey A. and Christine M. Saul, 1077 Towne Lane, Village Square, $150,500.

Robert A. and Elizabeth K. Wilson to LKS Enterprises LLC, 19.835 acres, gift.

J. Carr and Margaret H. Dorman to Greater Charlottesville Habitat for Humanity, 14.704 acres on State Route 631, gift.

J. Carr and Margaret H. Dorman to James and Molly McIlnay, 2.144 acres at 1776 Old Lynchburg Road, State Route 631, gift.

Myla P. and Robert W. Erwin Jr. to Chau N. and Linh H. Nguyen, $190,000.


Walter M. and Dolores Craig to Richard C. and Laurel W. Gillette, 3607 Green Creek Road, Schuyler, $169,900.

Manuel R. and Donna L. Cunard to Stephen J. and Suzanne O'Grady, 2758 Fernleaf Road, Thornridge Forest, $328,000.

Richard L. Jones to Wachovia Bank, Trustee for Edwin L. Turner Trust, parcel in Redfields, $174,900.

Carl M. and Priscilla Baumgardner to Mary E. Howard, 1253 Branchlands Drive, $158,000.

Jay V. and Katherine J. Garriss to Roger J. and Carol L. Curran, Trustees, 3325 Braemar Court, Glenmore, $421,000.

Gregory S. Hogue, Executor, to Sycamore Creek LLC, 114.89 acres, $1,400,000.

Freda D. and Sidney Aron to Brenda D. Carsley, 3183 Crossfire Lane, Forest Lakes, gift.

George W. and Katherine C. Gay to George W. Gay, 2784 Earlysville Road, Little Clover Hills, pursuant to separation agreement.

Tonja P. Weed to David J. and Mary E. Rinehart, 110 Goldenrod Court, Lake Reynovia, $210,000.

Adam P. and Carisa D. Smith to Steven B. and Sharon Shelton, 112 Fielding Drive, Willoughby, $154,900.


Peter N. and Joan H. Berry, Trustees, to L.H. and Sharon S. Curtis, Trustees, 3386 Cotswold Lane, Glenmore, $420,000.

Leslie Phillips to Mark O'Sullivan, 4736 Wren Court, Briarwood, $129,900.

Keswick Acquisition Corp. to David L. Nace and Pamela L. Gist, 2.18 acre, $575,000.

Weather Hill Homes Ltd. to Alba E. and Pamela B. Beasley, 416 Cranberry Lane, Parkside Village, Crozet, $329,000.

Ja-Zan LLC to Bonnie M. Martin, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $87,000.

Hwa C. and Juhyun Lee to Grace Properties LLC, 3349 Worth Crossing, $136,000.

Woodson D. and Hayley M. Parrish to Hayley M. Parrish, 1.13 acre on Stoney Point Road, gift.

Samuel I. White, Trustee, to Alan J. Katz, 5745 Green Creek Road, Schuyler, $46,000.


Darla K. and Cleveland H. Topley Jr. to Barbara E. Venen, 11.02 acres on State Route 22 near Cobham, $275,000.

Julie A. Gottschalk to Liliana F. Bloom, 2039 Whispering Woods Drive, Forest Lakes, $310,000.

William A. Edgerton, Trustee, to David G. Mick, Trustee, 4.361 acres at 1420 Corktree Lane, Far Hills, $361,900.

Amy A. Hougan to Gary D. Hougan, parcel at Highlands at Mechums River, gift.

JaZan LLC to Craig VanDerLinde, two units in Turtle Creek condominiums, $174,000.

MD Development LLC to Refined Redneck LLC, unit at 895 Rio East Court, $769,041.


George W. and Pamela K. Smith to Pamela K. Smith, 2.022 acres at 2122 Martin Kings Road, Scottsville, pursuant to separation agreement.

Timothy H. Jones to Benny L. Layne, 18.77 acres on State Route 810, White Hall, $35,000.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Russell G. Gerry, 1148 Rustic Willow Lane, Forest Lakes, $238,785.

Lisa A. and John W. Heptinstall IV to Sarah D. Humphrey, 3271 Gateway Circle, Gateway Village, $175,000.

Robert L. and Jennifer Abrams to Weather Hill Homes Ltd., 2.47 acres on State Route 250 West, $43,000.


Crescent Development Group LLC to Barry Meade Homes LLC, parcel in Still Meadow, $105,000.

Had Corporation to Lee E. Goodman and Paige Pippen, 109 Sundrops Court, Lake Reynovia, $156,900.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Michael and Cheryl Heny, 3470 Darby Road, Glenmore, $599,921.

David S. Campbell to William C. and Eva M. Uecker, 2361 Ferndown Lane, Glenmore, $561,958.

Robert Hauser Homes Inc. to Thong K. and Chau Tran Huynh, 3418 Turnberry, Springridge, $328,950.

Brian N. and Patricia O'Donnell to William M. Roberson, 728 Exton Court, RiverRun, $127,500.

Michelle Wright to Brian N. and Patricia O'Donnell, 2938 Milton Road, Mount Eagle subdivision, $164,000.

David M. and Denna D. Sawyer to David S. Free, 2382 Austin Drive, Briarwood, $120,000.

Donald R. and Isis Bartles to James A. Morris and Stephen N. Runkle, parcel in Glenmore, $366,000.

R.D. Wade Builder Inc. to Sidney M. and Carol B. Milkis, 1890 River Inn Lane, Still Meadow, $392,982.

Craig Enterprises Inc. to John L. Kennedy, 127 Grayrock Drive, $251,197.

Heather P. Sanderson to James W. Rowse III, 1270 Mapleview Drive, Willow Lake, $131,500.

Alice J. and Ta-Fang Fang Lee to Jeremy and Christina Murray-Krezan, 163 Albert Court, Camellia Gardens, $115,000.

Alfred L. Atwell, Trustee to Alaron Farms LLC, 63.22 acres off State Route 760, $148,000.


Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to Drew E. and Robyn O. Partridge, 1177 Redfields Road, $297,000.

David G. and Brenda K. Stauffer to Xuefeng Wang and Yuanlin Yu, 1110 Autumn Hill Court, Western Ridge, $234,300.

James H. and Helen G. Rodgers to Dedrea A. and William A. Greer, 20 acres at 5754 Advance Mills Road, Ruckersville, $470,000.

Ja-Zan LLC to Norman K. Tylor, two units in Turtle Creek condominiums, $160,000.

Glenmore Associates Ltd. to Larry F. and Dorothy Gregory, 34989 Devon Pines, Glenmore, $195,000.

F.M. Trainor to Melissa M. Russell, 3148 Sandown Park Road, $356,137.

Melissa M. Russell to Sandal Inc., 1921 Green Beech Drive, Glenmore, $470,000.

HDA Corporation to Ann Lamb Peery, 107 Sundrops Court, Lake Reynovia, $163,300.

Sandal Inc. to Melissa M. Russell, 1215 Thistledown, Glenmore, $995,000.

Timothy H. Enochs to Harris Teeter Properties LLC, 20 Spring Court, Four Seasons condominiums, $13,537.16

Harris Teeter Properties LLC to Martha W. Cox, 20 Spring Court, Four Seasons condominiums, $71,000.

Patricia L. Kearns to Mario and Snjezana Gubo, 2310 Finch Court, Briarwood, $143,000.

Hickory Ridge Equestrian Inc. and Martha O. and John M. Harris III to Hantley G. and Doris M. Bruscoe, 5.02 acres on State Route 665, gift.

Redfields Development Corp. to Redfields Community Association, open space at Redfields, $33,900.

Doris S. and Calvin S. Jones to John L. and Brenda Lively, 2.02 acres fronting on State Route 76, $60,000.

Robert L. Fuller and Lynda F. Clendenning to Kyle and Lisa P. Knutson, 1.51 acres at 170 Reas Ford Road, $190,000.

MD Development LLC to Tore D. Steinberg, unit at 905 Rio East Court, $569,078.

MD Development LLC to Danel Enterprises LC, unit at 905 Rio East Court, $670,625.


Ming and Lin Xi Lei to David W. Mullins, 122 Georgetown Green, $149,900.

MGR Development Corp. to Michael S. and Nancy E. Jennings, 2230 Montalcino Way, Fontana, $321,267.65.

Bernard F. Herbert and Carol Brown to Cecil F. Floyd, 2262 Sparrow Lane, Briarwood, $169,900.

Robert D. and Sharon B. Pollard to Dennis A. Bishop, 2.50 acres on State Route 719, $30,000.

John M. and Cynthia H. Dent to Maged S. and Sheryl F. Hamza, 1260 Bayberry Court, Jarman Gap Estates, $465,000.

VanDerLinde Housing Inc. to Carlo M. and Lisa T. Mirabelli, 1726 Doringh Place, Still Meadow, $335,877.

Raymond L. and LaFayette R. Saylor to Nolan L. Saylor, 42.5 acres at 4714 Blenheim Road, $65,000.

William H. and Gloria B. Miller to Sarah and William T. Walter III, 9165 Dick Woods Road, Afton, $62,000.

Ty A. and Heather M. Thomas to Jeffrey M. and Rhonda M. Martin, 206 Buttercup Lane, Lake Reynovia, $168,000.

Thomas M. and Elizabeth G. Freshwater to Martha E. O'Brien, 2.556 acres at 2586 Holkham Drive, Lewis Hills, $378,000.

James E. and Mary L. Lewis to Richard T. and Sandra L. Billies, 5.814 acres at 1652 Harris Creek Road, $357,000.

James River Real Estate Inc. to Melissa S. Gentry and Leroy Morris Jr., 5.0 acres on State Route 618, 5811 Jefferson Mill Road, Scottsville, $85,000.

George Mastakas and Evelyn Patis-Mastakas to Stephen A. Small and Farangis Goshtasbpour, 956 Devon Spring Court, Redfields, $193,600.

Deal of the Week


MD Development LLC to Refined Redneck LLC, unit at 895 Rio East Court, $769,041.