John A. Haas to Jeffrey T. Lenert and Amy E. Row, 1613 Brandywine Drive, $215,800.

Martha B. Amato, Trustee, to Elizabeth W. Purcell, unit in Charlottesville Towers Condominium, 511 North First Street, $82,000

Lillian K. Druxler to Constance C. Cohen, Trustee, 942 Rosser Lane, $309,000.

Early L. and Adria O. Bishop and Mary C. and Daniel B. Crawford to Lillian K. Druxler, 901 Second Street NE, $190,000.

Charlotte D. Drummond to Daniel J. McGarry, 210 Sixth Street NW, $225,000.

Mollie B. Lovejoy to Mary P. Newton, 1319 Riverdale Drive, $126,750.

Roger E. Tolle and Michael C. Crear to Vivian E. Thomson and Scott K. Deveaux, 2006 Meadowbrook Road, $345,000.


 Michelle M. Richard to Lisa Zangla, 1004 St. Clair Avenue, $137,000.

Betty B. Paine and Janet B. Cutright to David J. Hayward and Judy A. Kennerud-Hayward,901 Monticello Avenue, $155,000.

Glenda H. Martin et al. to Venable LLC, 407 Twelfth Street NW, $70,000.

Mildred V. Cosner to Susan Bettman and Gabriella B. Kerson, 619 Bolling Avenue, $139,000.

Belmont Loft Company LLC to Kurus B. and Lia M. Keesecker, parcel on Spruce Street, $20,500.


Clive and Bonnie L. Milligan to Bonnie L. Milligan, 1450 Westwood Road, gift.

Earl R. Ross to Stuart B. and Cynthia L. Ross and Brenda R. Lam, 104 Eric Place, gift.

David E. Havens to Dana C. Mays, 106 Milford Terrace, $117,500.

Marc and Rebecca W. Wetherhorn to Louis P. Baron, 758 Lexington Avenue, $260,000.

Victor C. and Brenda D. Martin to Brenda D. Martin, 211 Eighth Street NW, gift.


John P. James and Beverly Jean Wann to Beverly Jean Wann, 1520 Oxford Road, pursuant to separation agreement.

Jonathan M. and Kelly C. Dreher to Robert V. and John D. Clickner, 1418 Cherry Avenue, $150,000.

Ina E. Arnold to Kelly C. and Jonathan M. Dreher, 626 Watson Avenue, $165,000.

Vernon L. and Angela M. Herrion to Richard Lang, 526 Meade Avenue, $105,000.


Delbert L. Snead Jr. to Francesca Lomonaco, 616 Elizabeth Avenue, $132,000.

Joseph L. Suszynski to Roberta A. and Catherine A. Stratton, 1041 Fifth Street SW, $66,000.

Charles C. and Lauren K. Moran to Lauren K. Moran, 714 Graves Street, gift.


Robert L. and Sharon R. Green to Daniel R. and Raymond E. Jackson, 800 Ridge Street, $87,500.

Rosemary Hayes, Trustee, to Mary E. Montgomery and Judy E. Bartlett, 915 Rock Creek Road, $72,000.

Pamela Y. Leake to Janis M. and Mark L. Beall, 1323 Willow Drive, $123,750.


John H. King to Capstone Properties LLC, 600 Hinton Avenue, $67,000.

Victoria S. Haas to Border Investments LLC and Haas Associates Ltd., 1617 Brandywine Drive, $205,640.

Paul V. and Amelia R. Rentz to Philip G. and Denise C. Stebbins, 113 Alderman Road, $442,000.

Charles W. and Nancy A. Shull to Jessie W. and Catherine M. Maupin, 512 Meade Avenue, $154,000.

Gail V.C. and Downing L. Smith III to Wesley M. and Susan S. Brown, two parcels on St. Clair Avenue, $40,000.

Wesley A. and Susan Brown to Kurt and Jane Kroboth, 815 St. Clair Avenue, $325,000.

Audrey Virginia #1 LLC to Allie Beck LLC, 310 and 320 Second Street SE, $1,248,250.

Elizabeth Pearse and Eric W. Greisen to Carrie Schaffer, 233 Monte Vista Avenue, $195,000.


John M. Heath to Jan W. and William F. Deal Jr., 808 Winston Terrace, $250,000.

John P. Harrison III to Marie M. Bourgeois, 1016 Long Street, $225,000.

Wallace S. and Dorothy G. Mahanes to Morgan G. C. Wright, 1211 Mowbray Place, $125,000.



Leslie A. Olsakovsky and George M. Nimmo to Michael W. and Linda Sue Pitt, 1292 Dunlora Drive, $305,000.

Wardell L. Ward to Nicole F. Byrd, 5.0 acres on the east side of State Route 627, gift.

Herman C. Valerius Jr. et al., Trustees, to Vernoica Ateaga, 1.135 acres at 7560 Chestnut Grove Road, Esmont, $30,000.

Wendell W. Gibson Inc. to Mark L. and Theresa M. McCullough, 1725 Verona Drive, Fontana, $302,750.

JaZan LLC to Edward S. Shuman, unit in Turtle Creek condominiums, $80,000.

Happy Valley LLC to Frank L. Robinson III, Trustee, parcel on Redwood Lane, Earlysville, $135,000.

Open Lands Inc. to Thomas L. and Trudy B. Williams, 121.7 acres off State Route 726, gift.

Trienet P. Coggeshall to Robert R. and Carey F. Bailey, 333 Dover road, Carrsbrook, $290,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to Dorothy c. Knauer, 1105 SomerChase Court, Hollymead Townhouses, $152,878.

Stephen W. Schenk and Sharen E. Swadley to JM & RM LLC, 82.60 acres on State Route 722, $150,000.

Melody P. Fetske et al., Executors, to Anthony A. and Dayna Monaghan, 2700 Northfield Road, $220,000.


Mary Anne M. Dilbone to Diane E. Hoffman, 1.932 acres on the west side of State Route 743, $262,000.

Southland Homes Inc. to Joshua R. and Lacy M. Walton, 1107 SomerChase Court, Hollymead Townhouses, $161,670.

Dorothy A. Mank to Thomas P. and Jane A. Hansen, 1580 Reynovia Drive, Lake Reynovia, $187,000.

Michael J. Johnson and Suzanne Michels to Michael and Margaret Gorman, 2595 Kimbrough Circle, $9,500.

Patricia E. and Lloyd F. Wood Jr. to Rio Square LLC, .9528 acre on State Route 631, Rio Road, $70,000.

Crescent Development Group LLC to VanDerLinde Housing Inc., parcel in Still Meadow, $70,000.

Michael H. McCann to Peter N. and Margaret E. Kamilakis, 1680 Stoney Creek Drive, Mill Creek, $190,000.

VanDerLinde Housing Inc. to Robert G. Bryant, 1850 River Inn Lane, Still Meadow, $429,950.

Peter G. Skinner, Trustee, to William E. Haines, unit in Chamberlain Village condominiums, $427,000.

Deal of the Week:


Audrey Virginia #1 LLC to Allie Beck LLC, 310 and 320 Second Street SE, $1,248,250.