Razing Trax: House of Dave begins its tumble

As a first step in the destruction of Trax, the nightclub made world-famous by the Dave Matthews Band, workers last week began removing asbestos.

Purchased July 1 by the University of Virginia for $1.2 million, the parcel, which also includes the Max nightclub, is destined to hold a UVA hospital building. But for the near term, it'll be a gravel lot storing materials and construction trailers for the hospital's impending $58 million expansion, says UVA's Dr. Jules Levine, associate vice president for UVA's Health System.

From September 1991 to December 1993, Tuesday nights at Trax meant one thing: the Dave Matthews Band. For $5, appreciative if not always enormous audiences could hear the Band hone such classic tunes as "Dancing Nancies," "Ants Marching," and "Satellite."

After its heyday under the management of DMB manager Coran Capshaw, the club began experimenting with semi-pro wrestling until it finally padlocked its doors in 2000.

"It's an important building to a lot of people," says Levine, "but it's destined for other things in support of the medical center."


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