Come and go: Life and death in the Charlottesville restaurant scene

Petra (4)
Out of business. The site is now East to West.
Dunkin Donuts (4)
Quit the chain and renamed Coffee and Donut Shop.
Chang House (6)
Burned to the ground in a mysterious fire. Still unresurrected, but hopes are high.
Hog Heaven (7, 34)
Out of business. The site is the soon-to-open Mas.
Anything Goes (7)
Out of business for lunches. Now, it's catering only.
Papagallo Grill (12)
Out of business. Now the site of Pizza Bella North.
Closed several months for renovation into Metro. (12)
CJ's Bomb Shelter (25)
Out of business. Now the site of Earl's Firehouse Bar and Grill.
Blast from the Past (32)
Out of business. Now Memory Lane Diner.
Vinegar Hill Grill (37)
Out of business. Now the site of American Dream Catering.
Boudreau's (44)
Morphed, under existing management, into Wolfie's Bar & Grill.
Marco & Luca (2)
Tiniest restaurant in the tri-state area. Downtown.
Ciboulette (2), Feast (2)
Two upscale delis in the new Main Street Market.
Bang (2, 70)
Upscale Asian tapas in the totally overhauled Corbett's Bistro/Memory & Company spot.
Albemarle Baking Company
Simply moved to Main St. Market. (3)
Everyday Café (4, 15, 41)
Up at the Liberty on Pantops, coffee to go or tasty goodies for eat-in.
Crystal's (6)
Vietnamese fare in the old Goodfella's spot on Route 29.
Emily's Bakery and Café (7)
At the site of the old Pita Inn on the Corner. (7)
East to West (11, 16)
Successfully defying the Fates of Water Street, East to West is perking along where Farruggio's and Petra faltered.
Pizza Bella North (14, 24, 34)
Popular Mill Creek pie place clones self up 29.
CRAB (Corner Bar & Grill) (14, 31)
Spicing things up on the Corner since August.
Pupusa Crazy (15, 18)
Unique guacamole-at-your-table squeezed in next to Hess Station and Dan's Automart on 29 North. El Salvadoran specialties.
New Starbucks 29 North (16, 24)
New Starbucks at Rivanna Ridge (41)
They're everywhere! They're everywhere!
Main Street Market (17, 36)
Seafood At Main St (17)
Gearhart's Chocolates (17)
One-stop shopping, right after you get your second mortgage, right there on Main Street.
Bashir's(18, 29, 32, 43, 44)
Just a move to bigger downtown digs– middle-eastern cuisine to write home about.
Twisted Branch Tea Room (12, 24, 29, 32, 35)
They used to be Communists, but now they're just good-food and hot-tea merchants. (Capitalism wins again.)
Metro (23)
The space is no longer cavernous or dominated by big pieces of rope art as was its predecessor, Metropolitain, but the food is still high-end.
Earl's Firehouse Bar & Grill (25)
It's where the old Bomb Shelter used to be, and before that Shenandoah's Pride Dairy. Ever onward and upward, it seems.
Yamata (31)
Sushi in Rio Hill in the former Taj Mahal space.
Mas (34, 42)
Tapas in the very heart of Belmont at the old Hog Heaven space. Clack down Monticello Avenue in your black patent leather flamenco shoes come January.
Memory Lane Diner (38)
Take a trip down that famous byway, sipping malts all the while, in the former Blast from the Past spot in Scottsville.
Wolfie's (44)
Barbequed everything at the spot where people used to get down and dirty on Rio Road.
Georgetown Farm Market (45)
Bison burgers and other carnivores' delights in Albemarle Square, courtesy of Georgetown Farm.