Well, I declare: New Year's resolutions from the stars

Larry Tropea, director of the water authority

 "To pray for more ice and snow and promote the wet look in Charlottesville. I also resolve to help organize a regional water summit where all water users can come together in peace and harmony– in their bathing suits."


Patricia Kluge, entrepreneur and winemaker

 "I resolve to get a life and take time off from work."


Alex Searls, filmmaker and former Council candidate

 "I've just finished my first feature-length screenplay. So for next year, I'm going to finish a stage play I've been writing called Blind Observance. It contrasts Thanksgiving in America to bombing Afghanistan with food."


Maurice Jones, City spokesguy

 "To get outside more to take advantage of the environment we have here– activities like biking, hiking, and just appreciating our beautiful world... and I resolve to win the lottery!"


Larry Sabato, pundit

 "To overcome, at long last, my continuing battle with shyness."


Meredith Richards, City Councilor and former Congressional candidate

 "To keep the boys (and the occasional girl) in Richmond from shirking their responsibility to fund the state's share of public education. My personal resolution is to stay in closer touch with friends and family. I realize neither of these has much hope of being kept, alas, but at this time of year, we're all entitled to a little fantasy."


Charles Wright, Pulitzer Prize-winning poet

 "I resolve, the first time I see Mo Jones, to ask him to go back to sports reporting. We miss him. Then, I resolve to give no further journalistic comments after this one."


Rob Schilling, lone Republican on City Council

 "In 2003, I resolve to abstain from gratuitous displays of publicity in the pages of the Daily Progress."


Virginia Daugherty, former mayor

 "I resolve to read Ulysses."